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Alethea & Athena
Punks of steam 
18th-Sep-2014 05:46 pm
Well, our workday was completely shot today. We got a text from Gaston last night asking if we were still awake. We were at the time the text came, but we were not in the same room as my phone, so we didn't hear it, and we knew nothing about it until this morning. I was really worried that it might be something important, so I texted back as soon as I saw the text, and he called back later. And we ended up talking for two hours, and we decided we'd really rather not work overtime to make up for it.

But! now we have our tickets for Mickey's Halloween Party. Hopefully we'll have most of our work done that weekend, because there will be no productivity. But more importantly, costumes. Somehow either Gaston or Alice or both got really into steampunk over the last year, so it's been decided that, instead of making whole new costumes, we would steampunkify some old ones. And, because they're closer to the right time period, Lady and the Tramp are the winners.

...Which reminds me, we never actually shared any of those pictures. Hold on; I'll see what I can do about that.

...I have forgotten the password to my PhotoBucket account. Or someone hacked it. One of the two. And I'm not getting the password reset email. Maybe I should just post the pictures to Facebook...but then everyone on Facebook will see them, and they might comment and stuff! But they wouldn't say anything mean...I think. This will take some consideration.

Anyway, we're actually not very well-versed in steampunk at all, so we have ordered The Steampunk Bible! from Amazon (I'm pretty sure the exclamation point is not part of the official title, but I felt like it was needed for dramatic emphasis). The package containing that book claims to be out for delivery as we speak, so we'll see if we get it or a "sorry we missed you!" slip.

I was hoping to ask for some steampunk advice, but it would definitely help if the advisers knew what the costumes looked like. The truth of the matter is, we never looked very closely at the pictures we took last year, because we were kind of afraid to. We never liked looking at pictures of ourselves, and these dresses gave me such a hard time that I wasn't convinced I wanted to see what they really looked like. I'm sure they're fine, but insecurities, you know.

...And we're still not getting that password reset email. Well anyway, we were the Siamese cats, so we had light brown Mandarin gowns, black gloves, black leggings, cat ears and cat tails. Now we have to add steampunk accessories. Gaston suggested aviator's caps with goggles made to look like cat eyes. The goggles are a good idea, but I'm open to other suggestions for hats. I think it would be fun to have metal claws, a la Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, so we'd need a good way to make those. Our first idea is to look at banjo picks. And then there's the question of corsets--they're kind of a steampunk staple, but would they look good on Mandarin gowns? (Lady will have a corset, naturally.)

So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! And we'll see if that steampunk book helps us out.

Today I'm thankful for having pleasant chats with friends, getting some work done despite the interruption, getting lots of shiny new cards in Kingdom Hearts [chi], having an official release date for Final Fantasy Type-0, and the weather not being so hot today.
19th-Sep-2014 09:24 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, I remember those costumes! I did want to see how they turned out... I don't know much about steampunk (other than a basic what-it-is) but a quick google of "steampunk chinese" brought up a couple images that made me wonder if there's some kind of Chinese equivalent to an obi that would look right with your dresses in place of a corset. I also just googled "steampunk cat costume" (without costume it was just cats wearing monocles) but... if you do that to brainstorm ideas, you'll have a lot of nonsense to shift through to find decent ones.

Also, if it's worth the trouble to you, you can make custom lists of friends on facebook (so you could make a list of just friends you think would be interested in anime/cosplay/Disney) to share your pictures with, rather than having them up for all (your friends) to see. I think if you wanted to share them from facebook, you'd copy the actual image address here (like a photobucket address) for non-fb people to see? I have a manga list for the rare occasions when I just have to ramble about something fannish but don't need every person from my church or who I went to highschool/college with to see (not because I'm worried about them judging me, but because I figure they don't care/wouldn't get it and don't want to bother them).

Or if you wanna email me, I think I still remember the password to my photobucket account, and could host them for you...
19th-Sep-2014 09:07 pm (UTC)
Monocles! ...Not quite right for these characters, but maybe nez-perce glasses (if we could get cat-eye ones...). The Siamese cats belong to Aunt Sarah, and she's kind of a snob, so it works maybe. Thanks for the Google suggestions!

The trouble with a custom list is that if we go to the trouble of posting on Facebook at all, we want the people who would like to see the pictures to see them...but we're not sure who all those people are. Mostly there are only a couple of people we'd rather not have see it, but they're the type of people that we should not be hiding from, so it's complicated. We might just take the plunge and post to Facebook anyway.

If anything, I think I'd be upset about losing all the picture we had on PhotoBucket, but I think we have them all somewhere else. As for posting those pictures, we're considering our options.
19th-Sep-2014 10:19 am (UTC)
You can also upload photo to lj.
19th-Sep-2014 09:07 pm (UTC)
That's a great idea! We might use it! Thanks!
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