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The heat was trying today, but not oppressive. It's amazing what a difference five degrees can make. But we still had a problem in that we're translating My Little Monster, and somehow that series, despite all the titles we've translated that have food in them, is the only one that consistently makes us hungry. I think we have Yuzan to thank for that, always eating desserts. And then of course there was a Valentine's Day chapter. Sigh.

Anyway, it's supposed to be ten degrees cooler again tomorrow, so we're pretty excited. Also! for once I heard my phone ringing when it went off in the other room, and when I went to get it, it said the call was from Sarah. So I answered it, and who should greet me but Logan! Aww, he's so cute. And much more talkative on the phone today than usual. Normally, when we call Mom and they're all there for family dinner, they'll offer Logan the phone and he'll walk away, or say hi and be done with it. But today, he stayed and answered questions! His mom asked, "What do you have?" and he said, "A milkshake." I asked him what kind it was, and I think he said white.

Aww, now I want a milkshake. We've also been really wanting Freschetta pizza today, which is only annoying because they stopped selling Freschetta cheese pizza at our grocery store, except for the gluten free kind which costs another two dollars and has no gluten. (We know some people can't have it, but we are big fans.)

I'm still having a hard time thinking about stuff because of the heat, so I don't have much else to say. Except that Kazuya Minekura tweeted the other day about how she got a package from Movic, and she wasn't expecting anything, so she opened it up and the first thing that came out was a t-shirt. So she put it on a cardboard cut-out she had of Sanzo, and anyone who read our Saiyuki Twitter translations will know why when they see the shirt in question. (I don't think we need to translate the text on the shirt, but if we do, please ask! We won't judge. (We wouldn't have a job if everybody knew Japanese.))

Today I'm thankful for getting a phone call from our favorite nephew, the heat not being so oppressive today, awesome pictures of Sanzo cut-outs in awesome t-shirts, and reminders to translate that volume of Saiyuki Reload Blast someday.
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