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Oh my goodness, the heat. The heeeeeaaaat. It is oppressive. It's like in the video games that have, like, volcano areas or something similar, where it's so hot just standing there drains all your HP. Seriously, our HP is draining as we sit here. We were both starting to feel headache-y by the time it was getting to our earliest quitting time, so we went to the living room for a snack, then we lay down on the couches by the cooler...and we couldn't get up anymore. We were stuck!

So we watched an episode of anime. It's a good thing we're still in the middle of Yozakura Quartet, or we would have had to start something new! As if we're not in the middle of a million things already. We wanted to watch Blue Spring Ride and Nozaki-kun and is there a new episode of Nobunaga Concerto yet?, but we watch those on the computer, and when we stay in the computer room too long, we start dying.

And yet, for some reason, it's Page's favorite room! Well, everyone's entitled to their bizarre opinions, I guess.

Anyway, the happy sequel to our failed package delivery is that it came today! Yay! And when the mailman delivered it, he was like, "Dude, I don't know what the guy's problem was yesterday." So hopefully that means we can safely continue to get packages delivered here. Our theory is that the package got sent whenever it did (like a month ago? two? I don't even know), and then it just sat at the post office for a while because it's bulky so nobody wanted to deal with it, and then someone found it and was like, "Uh, hey, guys. We need to deliver this." And then the guy who's turn it was yesterday was like, "I'm not delivering that bulky thing in this ridiculous oppressive heat!" so he just left us a slip instead of actually trying. It's just speculation, though, and there was evidence of his trying to make a delivery, so of course we can't form any solid conclusions.

But the point is! now we have an electric violin! Yay! But we haven't opened it yet, because we're workaholics and with the HP drain, it's hard to work up the proper levels of excitement. So it remains on the floor in its box. Maybe I should move it to a non-HP-draining room, because I think you're supposed to keep electronics in moderate temperatures. And if we're by the cooler, maybe we'll have the energy to open it and be excited.

And now we have to go sit by the cooler again.

Today I'm thankful for finally having our package, exciting things happening on the work front, getting a significant amount of work done in spite of HP-draining circumstances, the forecast promising cooler weather tomorrow, and package tracking promising a fan by Thursday.
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