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Just some random thoughts

In XenosagaII, when chaos uses ether skills, it sounds like he's saying, "Unleash your grandmother-like powers."

I like Logan in Gilmore Girls; he reminds me of Gippal from Final Fantasy X-2

I think "adrenalitis" would be the inflammation of adrenaline (or maybe the adrenal glands?), not the lack of adrenaline.

In Xenosaga and XenosagaII, if the mecha are guarding the spaceship, why are they the ones that fall into the traps?

The guy who wrote the music for Candidate for Goddess (Tomoyuki Asakawa) played the harp for the orchestrated version of "1000 words." I wonder if he became friends with the composer while working on DN Angel, or if he's like that guy our dad knew who goes around playing the French horn for everything, only with the harp.

I like Take5 bars. It's like a pretzel wrapped in a Nutrageous.

I think the writers for Jeopardy! are having way too much fun or something, as illustrated by the "haiku d'etat" category, in which all the clues were haiku about various countries.
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