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Try again later

Apparently today is a day of "try again later." Normally, we'd be on the phone with our family right now, but due to reasons, they're eating dinner right now, so we will be talking to them later, probably.

We also thought it would be neat to do some family history research! We're still not really sure how we can find names of specific ancestors, so for now, we're going to try looking into the history and culture of our ancestors. Our great great great grandfather was a Jew in Germany before he converted to Christianity and later joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and as far as we can tell (thanks to the internet), our relatives are having a hard time finding much past his father.

There's a story that his father was an adviser or something to Napoleon, but the two places we found it on the internet seem to have both gotten it from the same unverified source. But anyway, we know he lived in Prussia, so we thought, "Well, why don't we find out more about the Jews in Germany?"

So today we went to Google Books to see if they could help us find some good resources. The first book they showed us was called The Jews of Germany: A Historical Portrait. We started to read the introduction, and it looked very promising, at least as far as telling us about the people, if not about specific individuals related to us. But then! it was just a Google Books sample, so it skipped pages. And we were like, "Well, it's kind of useless if we don't have the whole book."

So now we will be trying again later, by which I mean waiting until it's not the Sabbath so we can order the book from Barnes & Noble. We even thought about being economical about it (it's a college textbook, which of course means it's super expensive) and seeing if maybe it was in the Anaheim library system. But it's not, and we don't want to deal with requesting it, so Barnes & Noble it is!

Today I'm thankful for having a little bit of extra time before church this morning (we had stake conference today), getting to spend time in the living room with the cooler on (it kind of reminds me of Strawberry Marshmallow, the episode where it was really hot but they only had air conditioning in one room), promising textbooks, having delicious Ghirardelli chocolate bars thawing, and having a chance to watch more Yozakura Quartet.
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