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Our own Noragami review

Okay, so I wanted to write up a post about volume one of Noragami that actually talked about the story! And now is my chance.

I don't really want to give a summary of the story, because you should go read it! That's okay; we'll wait. Go find a copy right now!

But I do want to talk about our reaction to the story. We had seen the anime, and the differences were pretty interesting. First of all, there's that opening scene in the anime where Yato slays an ayakashi and Tomone says, "Okay, I'm done with you now." It went by in the blink of an eye! But in the manga, there's a whole chapter about it. It was nice, because it gave a clearer introduction of Yato, and why Tomone hated him so much, and it was able to explain some of the world building at a more relaxed pace.

Second! all the stuff with Hiyori. Like, all of it. It was so different! Okay, so it wasn't completely different, but there were some very important differences. The main one is how Yato gets his payment from her. In the anime, that scene turned into Mutsumi's payment scene (Mutsumi being the client from the first chapter, who never showed up in the anime). So that's where they had to explain that whenever Yato does something, it's for five yen. By the time he met Hiyori in the manga, we'd already been over that, so it happened differently. And what we noticed is that she never said, "Okay, here's five yen; fix my problem." He took the five yen coin while she was unconscious and declared he was going to help her without really giving her a say in the matter...which makes him that much more of a jerk for not doing anything about it.

But! more importantly, once you look up the significance of the five yen coin, it starts to make his feelings for Hiyori that much clearer. In the anime, it seemed like they were mostly giving all the Hiyori flags to Yukine, but in the manga, it seems much more likely that Yato is the romantic interest.

Incidentally, when Yato says to Hiyori, "May you be blessed with good ties," the Japanese line doesn't really specify who is to be blessed. It's my personal opinion that Yato said it in the hopes that he would be blessed with a tie to Hiyori. But the line is exactly the same as what he said to Mutsumi, and he clearly didn't care about her too much, which might be an indication that he didn't mean that at all, and we would be very presumptuous translators to try to change the line when he said it to Hiyori. So I just kind of hope that maybe it will come across that there's a possibility that, while he does say that to all his clients (or many of them; I think he actually hasn't said it once since he said it to Hiyori), in this case when he said "you" he was talking to himself. We'll see as the story progresses.

Anyway, volume one, as some reviewers have said, is pretty much a prologue volume, just giving you an introduction to the characters, and really just a glimpse in the case of Yukine. But those characters are all pretty interesting, and we'd like to see where they're going. One reviewer mentioned that Yato is pretty much the scum of the earth (he really is), and that made me stop and think, because I usually don't like scum of the earth characters. I think the difference is you can tell that under all his bravado, he's actually a decent guy who cares about other people. And when he's a jerk, people call him on it. (Thank you, Tomone.)

Tadah! Now I guess if we're going to start reviewing manga like this, we have a volume of Say I Love You and a volume of Sherlock Bones to talk about. I'll have to remember that.

Today I'm thankful for Ghirardelli's mint & cookie chocolate, finally making chocolate fondue last night, successfully locating the USPS collection box by the grocery store, Kinokuniya shipping our order, and the hope of having a fan soon.
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