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Alethea & Athena
Odds and ends 
9th-Sep-2014 06:21 pm
Today has been a day of odd jobs. Tomorrow is allegedly GameStop Expo, so we had to get our costumes ready. I was glad to know that our sewing machine still works. We were kind of out of money until just recently, so we weren't able to make new costumes, but it's been a while since we've worn our Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy costumes, and they tend to be fairly popular, so it should be fun wearing them again.

But I needed the sewing machine because the last time we wore those costumes, we were helping out with a haunted house thing, and I was hiding in a wooden crate (to jump out and scare people). The wooden crate had some sharp pointy things in it, and at one point I stopped being careful and tore my costume. Boo. It's mostly fixed now.

We also went to the store to buy food. Thinking of toppings for our angel food cake, we looked at the frozen fruit and thought, "Yeah, it might be good to buy some of this stuff some time." And then we decided to just get chocolate instead. We did also consider the possibility of making a glaze, so we looked at the extracts. They had vanilla, almond, orange, lemon, mint, imitation maple, and anise. We almost bought the anise extract because we've heard of anise, but only in the sense of "there's a thing called anise." We don't know anything else about it, except that it shows up in a lot of home remedies, like it's good for allergies or something. So we wanted to know more about it, but not enough to spend five dollars for something we might hate. Does anybody else know anything about it?

Anyway, I remembered last night that we've been thinking of posting about the manga we translate when it comes out. Y'know, like when everyone can actually go read it. And we were especially thinking about doing that with Noragami, and now it's been out for a week! But I'm kind of too distracted right now to write a whole post about Noragami, so I'm really only posting this as a reminder to myself. So maybe Thursday or Friday!

Today I'm thankful for the sewing machine working, having ingredients for chocolate fondue, having a cake and some pretzels to eat with the chocolate fondue (we also thought about buying peanut butter Oreos, but by then we were like, "Eh, we've spent enough money."), having plans to go to a convention that will allegedly happen tomorrow, and also having Klondike bars.
9th-Sep-2014 10:21 pm (UTC)
Anise has a licorice-y taste, so if you like/hate licorice, you should be able to form the appropriate opinion from there. I haven't used it as an extract (I have some anise seed but haven't made anything with it; I also have in my garden a plant called anise hyssop which is in the mint family, so the leaves are edible and taste like licorice (but it's not actually related to the plant they get anise from)).

Almond extract I like a lot!! I think of the flavour as a holiday and Dutch thing, like banket, or almond bars, but maybe that's just because of of the large local (descended from) Dutch population. Ooh, and mint extract is really good if you add a couple drops to hot cocoa...

Have a happy fondue party! (because if you're having fondue, it's automatically a party.) And enjoy the expo!
10th-Sep-2014 09:16 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm glad I asked then, because we really do not like licorice. I think we don't hate it as much as we hated black jelly beans when we were kids, but yeah.

The bishop's family in the single's ward in Fresno loved almond extract, too! One time, we had a temple trip, and the bishop's wife brought some homemade cinnamon rolls, and there was a story about how she was trying to decide what to put in the icing, and her daughter was like, "Why would you even consider anything but almond extract?"

And thanks! We will enjoy our fondue party...someday when we stop having stuff to do that makes us to antsy to spend the time having a fondue party. (You're totally right; fondue is automatically a party.)
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