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Obligatory update

I'm updating right now because we both think it's sad to go to the archives and see a date on the calendar that's missing an entry. And since next on our agenda is playing Final Fantasy IX, we figure it will be a while before we get back to the computer.

Actually, FFIX isn't officially next. We might read some more manga. We had stake conference today, so we got home early and we haven't quite decided what to do with the extra time. I really should e-mail Clay, since I haven't and it's been over a month since we last heard from him. Man, I'm a bad penpal.

Anyway, I was reading SailorMoon manga earlier, and I finished the SuperS arc, so they had the results of the character popularity vote they have every time they defeat the main badguy. The really weird thing is that Phobos was ranked 38 and Deimos was 40. They had a difference of about 800 votes. I really don't understand this, because they show up at exactly the same time, do exactly the same thing, leave at exactly the same time, and then they're both gone. It's a mystery...

But Helios was number eight, which is where he should be, because the only people ahead of him were various incarnations of Sailors Moon, Chibimoon, and Saturn, and you can't expect people to not like them. Thinking about it, I don't think Mamoru ever made it that high. I'd have to check though.
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