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Musical measles

It was Bread Day today, and we got an angel food cake! I was totally excited to have it for dessert tonight, and then I thought, "You know what goes really well with angel food cake? Chocolate fondue." And Athena remembered an angel food cake we had once that had a strawberry-flavored glaze. Well, we're planning to do our grocery shopping tomorrow...actually we probably would have put it off as long as we could, but now that we have an angel food cake waiting for some kind of condiment, we're planning to go tomorrow (if work goes well; we have a sudden rush-ish job due Wednesday, and we're going to a convention on Wednesday).

But first! we thought this might be a good opportunity to brave some new flavor frontiers, so my question to you(?) is: got any good ideas for angel food cake toppings? (Keeping in mind real fruit does not count as real dessert in our world. Also, there is no guarantee we'll actually try it anyway, so you're welcome to recommend real fruit (or anything else) anyway. We will always reserve the right to stick with the original chocolate fondue option, because chocolate.)

Also, today Primary was pretty hilarious. The chorister was gone because her husband surprised her with a weekend getaway, so Athena was asked to substitute. Fortunately, the chorister already had a Singing Time plan, and all Athena had to do was follow it. So this week the Primary contracted a malady(?) called "musical measles." All the teachers had stickers, and when the kids sang really nice and loud, they got spots (in this case, happy faces or stars) on their faces. The oldest girls even got spots on their arms.

It was a bit of a difficult concept for me, because if musical measles is a disease, it seems like it would be pretty undesirable, but the idea was that the kids would want to come down with it. And of course, the idea worked, with some awesome results. One of the younger girls was so excited to get stickers spots on her face that she sang loud and proud...even though she had no idea what the lyrics were. It's a good thing I've been practicing all the songs, or it would have been hard to keep playing through my suppressed laughter.

As for the disease aspect, one of the older girls (who also asked for extra stickers when Primary was older) came up to me afterward and complained about the itchiness. I told her not to scratch or she'd get scars (that's the "scary threat" that prevented me from scratching my chicken pox when I was five).

Of course, to introduce the disease, Athena realized the most appropriate thing to do would be to come down with it herself, so she was putting stickers on her face during Sharing Time. One of the girls in her Primary class noticed (usually Athena sits with her class, but today she was sitting at the front of the room where the chorister usually sits) and tried to catch her attention so she could make a "what the heck?" gesture. Athena replied (with gestures) as if she had no idea what the girl was referring to. There was another little girl who didn't need to ask because she was watching us instead of paying attention to the Sharing Time lesson...and making faces at me. I probably shouldn't have encouraged her.

When Primary was over, we made our way over to the kitchen to see what the bread selection was like, and we ran into a boy who only just recently graduated from Primary, so we still have some interaction with him. He saw the stickers on our faces and shook his head with an exasperated sigh, as if to say, "Those wayward kids never listen to a thing I say." It was hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for having an angel food cake to eat with something delicious, hilarious Primary Singing Times, getting to listen to our Koe no Ouji-sama version of It's A Small World, Page coming out of hiding to hang out with us, and not having to get out of bed before eight tomorrow.
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