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The video saga

Well, today did not involve a trip to a Kingdom Hearts video shoot. It was kind of a stressful couple of days. When we found out where the filming would be, and that it was about twice as far away as Anime Expo, the first thing we did was text our home teacher. He's working today.

But immediately after I finished the text conversation with him, I got a phone call! It was from the woman in our ward whose job it is to call everybody and remind them of all the events that are coming up, so they can go to them. There was a Relief Society activity on Thursday night, and the timing of the reminder call was such that we had hope of finding some kind soul to have compassion on us and drive us to Burbank. Two kind souls did have compassion on us, but neither of them was able to help, alas.

In the meantime, we had been checking out the train and bus schedules, and they were not looking good. Either we could take a bus, a train, another train, and a bus to get there, or we could figure out a way to get to Amtrak Station, take one train, and maybe take a bus or a taxi. Or a train and a bus. Either way, we were looking at at least two hours on the road, and then we'd have to figure out how to get home. Add to that the fact that neither of us was feeling up to that kind of a draining experience, and we were really, really hoping for a miracle of some kind. Failing that, it's really not that big of a deal, is it? I mean, we weren't in it for the video so much as for the opportunity to meet Square-Enix people.

Then Friday came along, and we had to RSVP by noon. We still didn't have much hope of getting there, so we RSVPed to say we probably couldn't go. (Not that I have any idea how manners and etiquette work these days (or that I ever had any idea), but I think originally the idea of an RSVP was to respond whether it was yes or no? Also, we hadn't given up entirely, and we wanted to let people know that we were still trying.) We had two options: wake up early and try the dreaded public transportation, or wake up early and join our ward for our month cleaning up the church building on Saturdays, and see if anyone else who was there happened to be going to Burbank today.

Remembering the scripture that says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you," as well as our extreeeeme distaste for public transportation, which was only made more extreme by our not-even-that-bad Anime Expo experience, we chose the latter. Not surprisingly, we didn't end up talking to anybody about going to Burbank, but! we did make ourselves useful by cleaning fingerprints and handprints off of glass doors, so I think we had a pretty good morning.

On the other hand, we did not get to go to the filming, and that is kind of a bummer. I'm still kicking myself a little, because if we'd asked for the later time slot, our home teacher might have been able to drive us. But on the other hand, I'm also happy not to make him drive an hour out of his way for our silly little fangirl quests. (We don't mind asking people to join us on our fangirl quests, but an hour's a long way. If he'd been able to participate, too, it would have been another thing. We don't know if he's a Kingdom Hearts fan. If he is and we knew about it, we totally would have told him to apply, too.)

The timing is pretty interesting, too, because we were talking with lyschan about the three degrees of glory and how sin needs to be punished, and Athena remembered a quote from Joseph Smith about how the real torment is...let me just get it.

"The great misery of departed spirits in the world of spirits, where they go after death, is to know that they come short of the glory that others enjoy and that they might have enjoyed themselves, and they are their own accusers."

So we're getting a little taste of what that might be like. We know that we came short of getting to be in that video, and we only have ourselves to blame for it. There's a possibility we missed out on making some pretty awesome connections.

However, this story has a hopeful sequel in the works. GameStop Expo is this Wednesday, and Square-Enix is going to be there. We might have a chance at redemption! (Of course, there's also the possibility that the only thing we missed out on was the fun experience of being in an official Kingdom Hearts fan video (with the official Kingdom Key!), and yeah, that probably would have been fun, but maybe not the Most Fun Thing Ever. ...Right?)

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to be in that video (even if we let it slip away), getting to be useful at building cleanup this morning, getting a ride home from building cleanup this morning, having a lovely walk to the church building, and not having to use super scary chemicals or anything.
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