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Accel...Cheese Pizza Day

We had a Relief Society activity last night, which was nice, because like most of our Relief Society activities, it turned out to be mostly sitting around chatting. Also, there was some really tasty pineapple bread which I wish we'd gotten more of. By the time we got home, there wasn't a whole lot of time before bedtime, so we decided to watch some anime. We're caught up on all our simulcasts, and we just finished Magi 2, so, despite having been in the middle of Yozakura Quartet for approximately forever, and also liking it, we decided to try something new.

Well, lyschan had clued us in to the fact that our current favorite voice actor is in Accel World, so that's what we decided to watch! It was kind of funny, because the first episode had the opening credits at the end instead, and that's where they always list the series creator. Athena saw it and asked me, "Do you remember who created Sword Art Online?" and I was like, "No, but maybe I'd recognize the name if I saw it." And she was like, "Was it a Kawahara something?" (Even though we switch names to Western order when translating, when speaking we usually go with the first thing we learned, so if we read a name in kanji, chances are we'll say it in the Eastern order.

...And that brings me to a tangent about how name orders seem to work based on the word "of" and how it works into the grammar of the language being spoken. Like Nibley, for example, means roughly "the hilly farming field," so I would be "Alethea of the hilly farming field." In Japanese, Reki of the river plain, would be Kawahara no Reki, or Kawahara Reki in modern Japanese. If you look up historical figures from long enough ago in Japanese history (or characters from Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time, for example), you'll notice that the "no" is still used, like Abe no Yasuaki.))

Anyway, I was like, "Um...maybe? I don't remember." So we watched the next episode of Accel World, and there were so many similarities to Sword Art Online, that we were sure it had to be created by the same person. So we looked it up, and sure enough! Of course, a bunch of you probably already knew that; I just thought it was amusing how it came up. I mean, Haruyuki and Kirito are very different characters, and the world of Sword Art Online is significantly different from Accel World, but the super-advanced video game world with total Gary Stu heroes...

Anyway, we like Accel World better, and that may or may not have anything to do with our favorite voice actor playing the main probably has a lot to do with it, actually, because his Haruyuki voice is so adorable, even if Haruyuki is annoyingly self-centered (not that we don't understand where he's coming from, just that we still think it's annoying). Still, the characters in general seem to have more development to them that makes them more interesting than Kirito and Asuna. Also, the fact that all the characters have a color in their avatar name, for some reason, is very attractive to me.

And so, for some reason we like it, and now we're probably going to go watch more of it, because all the hullabaloo of this week has us wanting to relax.

Today I'm thankful for delicious pineapple bread (that was funny, too, because I got some for Athena and me, and I started eating mine, and at that point all we knew was that it was some kind of cake; another woman and I were like, "There's this flavor in it that I can't quite identify, like Seven-Up or something? Not quite that...what is it?" and then Athena (who was busy working on a Knifty Knitter) finally took a bite and said, "Pineapple?" and we were like, "!!!!!"), getting to watch interesting new anime, having a lovely time at the Relief Society activity last night, having cat treats for Page, and having a cheese pizza to eat on Cheese Pizza Day.
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