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Ever notice how Noragami rhymes with origami only not really?

Well, we expected the ablution scene to take a long time to edit, but we didn't expect it to take that long. I think it took like two hours for that one page. And that one page really only had five items of text! And one of those items was a sound effect, and another one was a "What?", so really those two hours were spent on just three lines. Athena was holding that page open for so long that now the book will open right to it. Unless we try to demonstrate that the book automatically opens to that page, in which case the book is understandably contrary.

It was especially trying after we finally figured out how to translate the lines, because we couldn't go on to edit any more of the script until after we'd written a note about everything. And then we kept getting tripped up as to how to write the note, and it was all kinds of aaaahhhh!.

It was kind of awesome, though, because we learned some pretty cool stuff about Shinto. Sadly, not all of the stuff we learned made it into the note we wrote, but some of it did. It's kind of funny, because we always resisted doing research for school, but...okay, so sometimes we still resist doing research even for Noragami, but sometimes we come across something and we're like, "Hey, I want to know more about that!" But we don't dwell on it too much because we're trying to finish working on Noragami. Of course the stuff that really interests us is the stuff that has us like, "Hey, that's kind of like in Christianity." Some people (like on Facebook and stuff) seem to think that elements of one religion existing in another religion is proof that all religions are made up, but it makes more sense to us that traditions got corrupted as time went on, so even though there's one truth, people started interpreting it different ways, and belief systems started branching out and splitting off and stuff. Kind of like all the different tellings of the Nobunaga story. Can you imagine like a thousand years from now, historians coming across all the different anime versions of Nobunaga and trying to figure out what really happened during the Warring States era? It's kind of hilarious to think about.

Aaaanyway. Noragami volume one comes out tomorrow! Oh my goodness, we're so excited! We hope everybody reads it, and we especially hope they enjoy it, and it would be super awesome if they read the notes and get something out them, because we did a lot of research! But we also put a lot of effort into writing the dialogue, so mostly we hope people enjoy that!

I was thinking about all the effort we put into the ablution scene today, and I wondered if scenes like that obscure my view of work, and that's why I start to panic about, "Oh no, is it good enough!?" Like, "Oh no! That only took thirty seconds to come up with! Not nearly as much time as we spent on that other line! It must be TERRIBLE!" It's dangerous. I just need to remind myself that natural dialogue comes naturally, so it doesn't always have to take a lot of time to write.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing the ablution scene, also finishing our note on the ablution scene, Page being super cute in her special place on the desk, getting to listen to Hiroshi Kamiya sing Penguin's song, and oh my goodness Noragami 1 comes out tomorrow!!!
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