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Hey, we're actually not going to whine about translating Noragami today! In fact, we edited almost two whole chapters' worth of text! It was hard, but nothing really worth posting on LiveJournal about. Maybe because Kazuma wasn't in any of the part we edited.

Seriously, though, Noragami is a lot of fun and we love it. It's just also very challenging, which is something we love and hate at the same time. It also makes us think we should watch more American TV. Hulu recently got all of Third Rock from the Sun...hmmm... On the other hand, they don't exactly talk like normal people in that...which might be exactly why it's helpful. Hmmm...

Anyway, since all the TV shows we follow are in reruns, we've been watching a lot of anime. ...Or actually, we've been watching a lot of anime because that's what we do. Recently, we finally decided it was time to watch Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (aka Magi 2), and once we started it became the main thing we were interested in doing. But it can be so! violent! Oh my goodness, last night we watched the episode where Alibaba fights the giant ape...only technically we didn't "watch" it, because we were so busy covering our eyes and whimpering for them to make it stop. We're pretty squeamish about blood and stuff.

We're also watching Sword Art Online. After Anime Expo, where it seemed like everybody was talking about it and cosplaying Kirito or Asuna, or possibly even random SAO players, come to think of it (there were people in "generic fantasy video game" costumes), we figured it would be good to educate ourselves. We also figured we needed to start exercising regularly, so we put those two thoughts together and decided to make time every day or so (usually "or so") to exercise while watching Sword Art Online.

We had a really hard time getting into it. The first episode was interesting enough--we do like video games, after all. And then it was just...I don't know. Too serious, I guess. Everybody kept dying and stuff. And Kirito as a character didn't really catch our attention. That kind of makes sense, actually, because sometimes video game developers make it a point not to give the hero too much personality, because the idea is that the main character represents the player. Too much personality and he becomes unrelatable. So Kirito's main personality seems to be "super awesome and powerful," without much more detail than that. Oh except for a touch of angst and a strong sense of justice (both of which are still pretty generic).

Asuna seemed pretty generic, too. So here we are with a show about two characters who don't really interest us that much, and the whole time I'm wondering how they've been alive for two whole years without logging out of the game, because don't they need to eat? Virtual food is not real food! It cannot keep you alive! It should be like the Enertron's in Chrono Trigger. "HP/MP restored! ...But you're still hungry." Also, dead. Because you would starve to death.

Well, finally that question got answered and I was satisfied, and any more than that would be spoilerish, but the point is some intriguing stuff happened in the last episode we watched, so we're going to keep going with it.

Also, to be fair, maybe if we could hear the dialogue better over our pedal machines, we would hear something that sounded like more personality for the characters. Also, maybe my question about starvation was answered long before that episode and I just didn't hear it. This is what we get for watching without subtitles.

Today I'm thankful for yummy cocoa peanuts, making good progress on Noragami today, 24-hour Guilt Up Time at Kingdom Hearts [chi], today being a little cooler than yesterday, and getting to watch lots of Magi last night.
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