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You have reached Robin's communicator...

And the episode that we missed of Teen Titans yesterday was on today. I thought they showed the new episodes on Saturday, so I'm a little confused, but we got to see the new one, so it's all happy. I wonder why they keep having episodes that specifically don't have the other Titans say anything. "Robin! Raven says she doesn't baby-sit! ... Robin says you have to." Beast Boy does make an amusing answering service.

When Celeste sent us that Raven plushie, we let her sit with the boys (our line of four plushies that we set up on the back of the couch to watch TV and video games with us) to watch the episode of Teen Titans that was on that night. She got to be right between Goku and Horo-Horo. I'm thinking she doesn't mind not sitting there anymore.

As we watched Teen Titans, I was finding myself thinking it would be really neat to cosplay Raven. Maybe because she was drawn so well in that episode. I also think it would be awesome to have a parka like Robin's. Oh! And Raven's winter outfit is so cute! One of these days, we will have to cosplay Starfire and Blackfire. One of these days.

Maybe I'll just make a whole set. Or maybe we'll decide we can't buy materials and I'm too lazy to sew anyway. Still have to do Starfire and Blackfire at some point.

Tonight I'm thankful that we got to see that episode of Teen Titans, and for Kit-Kat bars, mini Danny Phantom marathons, fleece (which is what I would make Robin's parka out of (it's always on sale... hmm...)), and bowls.

PS: Has anyone noticed that Quistis Trepe kind of looks like Sarah Michelle Geller? And Irvine looks like Rider Strong.
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