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More on Noragami

It's kind of funny how our work schedule may or may not affect our enjoyment of manga. We were translating a really dramatic scene in Noragami--I would say it was the most dramatic scene in the anime, but there's no telling what more could be coming in the manga--and then our CD ended and it was lunchtime. So right in the middle of this very dramatic scene, we dropped everything and took a half hour break. Maybe a little longer, because we also took some time to play Tsum Tsum. But hey, it was lunchtime. (I don't think the interruption, taking ourselves out of Noragami World, will have too adverse an affect on the translation, because it's probably just about as easy to get back into a dramatic scene as it is to go through the whole thing all at once.)

Anyway, all the world-building is extremely fascinating, because on the one hand, of course it most likely comes from Shinto with some Buddhism, but we're seeing all kinds of Christian parallels. It's our opinion that if the world started with Adam and Eve, it makes sense that most world religions would be spin-offs of the original, so it's fun to see how they all tie together. One of the books we're reading by Grandpa is pretty much about that, only with ancient Egyptian stuff.

And somehow I wanted to bring the Chronicles of Narnia into this, but it's just not seguing that well. But the point is, Yukine is like Edmund, or so we hope. Both of them start off as being the most annoying little snot-nosed punk imaginable, and then go through a traumatic experience that gets them to turn over a new leaf. Edmund turned out to be super awesome after that, so we'll see how things go with Yukine. We think we're past everything that happens in the anime that still meshes with the manga, but we won't know for sure until we translate volume four.

But back to Narnia, suddenly I want to read the books again, mainly because umadoshi posted a link to an article that talks about the deep flaws in the series. My knee jerk reaction was, "Deep flaws!? Impossible!" So I wanted to read the article to see what the author was talking about, but it's been so long since I've read all the books that I don't remember anything that happens past Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I don't want to spoil myself. So maybe we'll figure out which box has our copy of the series and do some reading today...or maybe we'll read the shiny new manga we got yesterday...or maybe we'll see about cutting out fabric for costumes...or maybe we have too many things we want to do. Anime to watch. Other books to read. Musical instruments to practice.

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate volume three of Noragami, finishing work a little early today, finding the fabric for the costumes we want to make, our kind neighbor who delivered our previously misdelivered mail to us, and Page rediscovering her favorite spot at the top of the cat tree.
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