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Today turned out to be a surprise day off. We were planning to only get a little bit of work done, because we had agreed to babysit some kids in the ward, and I was kind of looking forward to seeing how it would be different when the kids are old enough to, for example, geek out about My Little Pony with us. But we got a text this morning saying something came up and we didn't need to babysit after all.

So we went over our translation of Say I Love You. 5, turned it in, and had pretty much the whole day ahead of us. We briefly considered getting a head start on the next volume of Noragami, but in the end, we decided it couldn't hurt to take a day off when we didn't overexert ourselves. Then we considered going to Disneyland and getting a pineapple parfait (if we could) and consequently a pineapple juju, but speaking of overexerting ourselves...on the other hand...hmmm... (<--we still have a hard time giving up on it)

(Speaking of the word "consequently," our home teacher uses it a lot only not really correctly. We wondered where he would have picked that up, other than people's innate tendency to use big words to sound smart. I mean, even if you do want to use a big word, correctly or not, you have to have heard it so you know it exists, or else you would have to make it up, and people are more likely to see right through you. On the other hand, I bet if you use the imaginary word naturally enough, nobody will question you, and they'll give it their own meaning based on context. But anyway, then we were at Anime News Network, and we noticed the blurb for a certain column, and it looked interesting, so we started reading it, and, as I'm sure you've guessed based on the way I brought the whole thing up, there it was: the word "consequently" used to mean nothing resembling "consequently." So I hesitated to use it in that last paragraph, but after I thought about it (and checked a dictionary), I realized that I was using it correctly, and correct usage needs to happen more often. "Consequently" means "as a consequence (result) of." As a result of buying a pineapple parfait, we would have gotten a pineapple juju. End rant. (We don't mind too much when our home teacher does it; we just count it as a character quirk. But when it gets to be a thing, it gets to be a problem.))

Anyway. So we ended up spending most of our time playing silly social games (Disney Tsum Tsum and Kingdom Hearts [chi]), but we also watched an episode of Blue Spring Ride (and only just five minutes ago made the connection that the main girl in that...what's her name? Yoshioka. Futaba Yoshioka. she's played by the same voice actress that played Hiyori in Noragami), and read a couple of stories in Sparkler's sampler thingie.

About Sparkler, it's an online fiction magazine inspired by and modeled after manga magazines, specifically shoujo, and it has comics and prose, and even audio dramas. They're having a membership drive, so we figured we might as well check it out. Also, we're acquainted with some of the main people involved with it, so we thought we'd be supportive. We thought about getting a year subscription, and then we realized we'd better wait for a paycheck first, so we downloaded the sampler (here), and we've been slowly making our way through. (Slowly because we are not fast readers, and because we're easily distracted by video games and anime.) So far nothing's really grabbed us, but we'll see. Anyway, if you're interested, definitely go check it out.

Today I'm thankful for having extra free time today, finishing that Say I Love You translation (all the monologues! aaaaaahhhh!), getting to have pizza for dinner tonight, having cookie dough to bake on our surprise day off, and them being done with the yard work today.
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