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The quest continues

I had something to say about being really tired, but I forgot what it was. Oh well. Athena suggests maybe something about bicycles. That was one of the jokes Katniss gave us yesterday: Why was the bicycle so sleepy? Because it was two-tired!

Speaking of jokes, when we last left off our Juju Quest report, we had just gotten the wisdom juju (which looks just like the Observatory of the Future symbol from the Temble of the Forbidden Eye), and we decided it was time to face the music and take our jungle navigator's exam. We approached the exam location and then held back for a minute while we decided what joke to use. We decided to go with, "Why did the elephant paint its toenails red? So it could hide in the cherry trees! ...AM I RIGHT?" (last bit added for good measure)

When we got to the checkpoint, there were several skippers there, one of whom was being trained in the whole juju thing by Arvin, whom some of you may remember as the one skipper on the Nice List that was left in the queue area for the Jingle Cruise. I saw the name and was like, "Oh! It's you!" and when I explained, they were all like, "Wow, good memory!" And I was like (internally), "What? It wasn't that long ago. Only like...eight months. Wow, that was a while." I guess some things are just filed in more easily accessible parts of my brain.

Anyway, another skipper administered the exam, first by checking our work in the handbook (we had done nothing but write our names). Since it was completely blank, she declared we had done the required work and were ready to take the test. She reviewed the instructions on how to operate the mic, and reminded us that any joke told in the jungle is a jungle joke, especially if you add "AM I RIGHT?" to the end. So we told our joke and got the Piranhahaha juju! Yay!

We were still at a loss for our bird scouting, so we took a break by going on the Indiana Jones ride. While there, we decided that yes, we did want to get one of the food jujus after all. The food jujus made us hesitate for two reasons. One, we don't like food, and two, we don't like paying for things. And we especially don't like paying extra for things we're not going to enjoy. Because the food jujus come with food, they cost an extra $2.50, which is really a pretty sweet deal, but $7.50 sounds like a lot, and as previously stated, we don't like food. So we decided to pass on the pineapple parfait, even though I will admit that pineapple is one of the less objectionable fruits and we really like the pineapple juju (the idea was that we would go with Gaston later, and he could eat the parfait if we didn't like it; then they started running out of juju and Gaston broke his leg, so we'll see I guess).

Juice, on the other hand, was another matter and the snake juju was really cool, so we decided we wanted to try the "refreshing venomade" after all. It's made from "snake venom" and "snake eggs," which taste surprisingly fruity. The idea is if you're brave enough to try this sour concoction, you earn a bravery juju. I will admit, the hype had us wary, but it's just liquid, so at least we wouldn't have to worry about texture...except that the snake eggs were not exactly liquid, but we figured we could leave those alone if we couldn't handle it. The snake venom tasted kind of limey, maybe with a hint of tangy watermelon, but it was barely sour at all. It was mostly sweet, and a little watery. But except for the wateriness, it was pretty darn good. The snake eggs were remarkably like boba. We'd never had boba before, so that was a new experience. It kind of weirded us out, and we're still like, "You pop it and it vanishes! How is that possible!?"

But the point is, we got a cool snake juju, and then we got on the train at New Orleans Square as the first step on our bird scouting adventure. We got birds from Splash Mountain (not by riding Splash Mountain; the train goes through the finale scene), a lot of birds from It's A Small World, and a couple from outside the Alice in Wonderland attraction. We were happy to see that they've finally fixed up the exterior of the ride to not be a tarp with giant blades of grass painted on it (seriously, it was up there for months at least), but disappointed to see that some of the decorations looked kind of phoned-in.

Around this time we remembered that, while the juju quests had us so focused that we didn't really feel hunger, it was still important to get food. So we had lunch and then we made it back to Adventureland just in the nick of time to join the extracurricular jungle navigator class. It was super awesome. They put us all on a Jungle Cruise boat, and then they started handing out papers. We could see that each paper had something from the recipient to read out loud, so it felt a lot like the beginning of a Sunday School class. Of course the difference is that the quotes to be read out loud were Jungle Cruise jokes!

So Arvin (I think it was Arvin, but it may have been somebody who looked a lot like Arvin) started the cruise with the "wave goodbye to all the people on the dock" and the brief introduction, and then we got to the first joke of the tour, and he said, "Okay, number one!" And we all took turns telling the Jungle Cruise jokes! It was the best. (Okay, maybe not "the best" insofar as I would want to do that every time I went on the Jungle Cruise (because I wouldn't), but it was still really great.) Athena got the joke about translating the native chant: "Let me see if I can translate. ...Nope." (There are several variations on that joke, so she thought about going off script, but in the end decided against it.) And I got the joke about the natives attacking: "If you get hit by a spear, pull it out and throw it back. We're not allowed to keep souvenirs." There was a lot of pressure on the woman who had the backside of water joke. And every so often, we would all add to someone's joke, "AM I RIGHT?" So awesome.

Finally, we went to the Tiki Room to show off the birds we had scouted, which was exceedingly difficult considering the capabilities of my dino-phone camera (the pictures were mostly blurry and/or too dark to see anything), but I was able to describe where I found them and the agent knew what I was talking about. For the "scout's choice" bird, we thought about going with those screeching little guys in the cave on Big Thunder Mountain (too dark too see or get a picture, but they're flying, so they must be birds, right?), but then we saw some platypuses on It's A Small World and we couldn't resist. The picture was too blurry (of course), but I think when I said, "We found these duck-billed guys..." the agent caught my meaning. And then we got a really cute parrot juju! Tadah!

So then we had all the jujus we cared about (still wondering if we should go back and get that pineapple, but there's one that you have to go all the way to the Disneyland hotel to get and we did not want to walk that far), and it was time to go to Frontierland to see about this Legends of Frontierland game they were doing. More on that tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finding lots of neat birds to "scout," getting to try boba venomade, the venomade not killing us (it sounds like a remarkably unsafe beverage), our order from Kinokuniya being on its way (we were so afraid we would end up waiting for two weeks and then get an email saying we couldn't get the limited edition Saiyuki Reload Blast 2 after all), and very understanding editors.
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