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On self-rescuing princesses

We realized last night that the Harlequin manga we agreed to translate is due in like a week, and since we're planning to take Monday off, we thought maybe we should work on that instead of editing Say I Love You. And oh man, this book. It's all, "Yes, I know his goal is to tear us apart and I can't believe a word he says, but he seems pretty trustworthy, so let's take everything he tells me at face value." It was a pretty fun read anyway, though. And this is why I think romance novels are more dangerous than princess movies.

On the other hand, while we were in Fresno, we watched Ever After again for the first time since it had been in theaters, and it turns out that one is a princess movie and a romance novel all rolled into one! Seriously, it fits the romance novel formula to a tee.

And I don't think I have anything else to say about that. I do have some stuff to say about self-rescuing princesses, though. Someone posted a picture on Facebook that said "I'm a self-rescuing princess" the other day, and it got me thinking about the whole thing again. Soon before our apartment caught on fire, ThinkGeek had a "buy a random t-shirt" sale, and it caught us because we love that kind of thing. As we waited for our shirts to arrive, we considered the possibilities and realized that they had one that says "I'm a self-rescuing princess," and at first I didn't want it because I disagree with the attitude of people who say that (though not necessarily the sentiment). Then I was like, "But if I do get that shirt, it will give me a chance to talk about it!"

Because I was thinking about it, and I realized that Athena and I have learned to solve a lot of our problems without help from other people, which, in a sense, kind of maybe makes us self-rescuing princesses, except for the lack of royalty part. And thinking about it even more, I realized that that's a pretty crummy lifestyle. It's sad and lonely.

On further analysis, I realized that we can't entirely be self-rescuing princesses, because we still bum rides off of people. (I was going to say "because we can't drive," but there's still walking and I don't know maybe learning to ride a bike or something.) A couple of weeks ago, it became necessary to go to the bank. There's one about a mile from us, so we could have walked without too much trouble, except that it was really hot that week. Also (and more importantly), we didn't want to.

So I called our home teacher to come to our rescue. (Technically I sent a text message, but it was the same result.) As a result, not only did we not have to walk to the bank in hot humid weather, but we got to have nice conversation on the way there and back. So were we being weak by getting a ride instead of taking care of the problem all on our lonesome? Maybe, but in the end, we were happier. And our home teacher's a nice guy, so I'm pretty sure he wasn't unhappy as a result. In fact, as a result of the conversation we had, we watched the first episode of Tatami Galaxy, so the next Sunday we were able to geek out about it and how ridiculously fast they talk in that anime.

I've always been of the opinion that people have weakness so they can learn to help each other and receive help from others. Yeah, we might have had a sense of accomplishment if we'd walked all the way to and from the bank that day, but it probably would have been overshadowed by the heat exhaustion and fatigue. And life's just better with friends.

Today I'm thankful for a home teacher who's kind enough to give us rides places, finishing the first draft of that Harlequin manga, finally getting to buy a Premium Box in Disney Tsum Tsum last night (we got a Tinkerbell Tsum!), Page hanging out with us today, and having a little bit of extra free time.
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