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Back to work

We're back to work as usual today...with maybe a little more Tsum Tsum. This week's assignment is Say I Love You. Tadah! And we only just realized that the friend in this one is named Asami, while the friend in My Little Monster is named Asako. The similarities just keep adding up. Although I think storywise, it was starting to remind me of Missions of Love, but I can't remember why. It's just as well, because it's probably a spoiler for one or both. (Funny thing about translating, sometimes as soon as we put the book down, I forget everything that's been happening in it.)

And then yesterday, we got an email from our other Kodansha editor, so now we have a whole lineup of assignments again! Woohoo! It's especially exciting because next on the list is Noragami! Yay! Yukine looks so very sad on the cover to volume three, the little punk. So now we're a little overeager to get to Noragami (although we did enjoy this latest volume of Say I Love You, except that the characters were being stupid, but I guess that's to be expected in a series like this; we keep quoting the Ugly Duckling from Disney's Chicken Little: "talking, talking, talking...clooosure" (they were so good about talking at the beginning of the volume, and then...)), and it's tough because we also are eager to go to Disneyland next week. Our passes will be unblocked so we'll finally get to check out those weird game things they started doing in Frontierland and Adventureland.

Today I'm thankful for getting back to our fun job, being done with the fun yet time-consuming event they were doing at Kingdom Hearts [chi], finishing our first draft of Sukina today despite our lack of productivity yesterday, getting to listen to our Chihayafuru soundtracks today, and having a bunch of shiny new cards in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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