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We're in the kitchen...

Today we watched some DN Angel because we had had the one DVD sitting on the piano bench unwatched for several months, and because it was Daisuke's (and Dark's!) birthday. The episodes on this DVD (volume 3) didn't make me shake my head quite so much as the ones on previous DVDs (not that we haven't seen all of them but that's beside the point), but there was the constant, "Oh man, the manga is so much better."

We happened to put the DVD in right after watching Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy, so while I was watching I was like, "Hey, Daisuke's fourteen, just like Danny! They should meet!" And then I thought what if the amulet in the one episode of Danny Phantom, the one that turns you into a dragon when you're really mad, was created by the Hikari? And that's probably about as far as that crossover idea is going to go. Although if we can figure out a way to fit in a ghost of something from Saiyuki, we'd then be combining all three of my favorite shows! Except for Teen Titans. And Gundam Seed. Hm.

Hey! There was a Teen Titans episode on today that we hadn't seen! And we couldn't watch it because we didn't find out it was on until the middle! What's up with that?

Anyway, the best part about the DN Angel DVDs is that ADV left the Japanese extras, or at least some of them, but the point is there's a lot of Miyu Irino (voice of Daisuke, as well as Haku in Spirited Away and Sora in Kingdom Hearts). I was still kind of in Butch Hartman mode, so I noticed that Irino-kun has buck teeth. (Did you ever notice in the first episode with Ember that she's performing at Bucky's MegaStore? She and Timmy are played by the same actress.) Then I remembered noticing that Haley Joel Osment kind of had buck teeth when he was on the Jeff Foxworthy Show.

And then I wasn't really sad because I was reminded of Kingdom Hearts and that we can't play it, but it's a really good opportunity to whine about it and say that I was. It's kind of ironic that Mom and Steve's reason for not getting us the Japanese PS2 is that we spend so much time with video games that it's like we're chasing after false idols, now that I think of it. If we could just get the thing, we would play the few games we'd have for it, beat them and/or decide we've had enough of them for a while, and then get back to translating, watching anime, and reading manga. But now, since we don't have the Japanese PS2, we're wasting all sorts of time and energy not only trying to figure out how to get it, but whining that we don't have it.

Tonight I'm thankful for Shunichi Miyamoto, DN Angel Talk, cloudy weather, the DN Angel vocal album, and spoons.
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