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Kingdom Hearts battle report

Oh, that tricky tricky Kingdom Hearts. Thanks to Final Mix, we get sometimes get to deal with a super fun (for undetermined definitions of the word "fun") situation where...okay, so you know how it's important to match the dialogue that's from the game with the translation that's used in the game, right? Well, sometimes, there's a scene in the manga that's from the game, but only the Final Mix version of the game, which means that there's no official English translation for it...yet.

But thanks to Kingdom Hearts 2.5, those scenes will have an official English translation in December. But we don't have access to them yet. And today, we had to deal with a scene where the dialogue could not possibly be translated in a straightforward way and sound like anything resembling a normal conversation. And that means that whatever we came up with is 98% guaranteed to be different in the game when it comes out in December. And the manga is probably going to be published after that, but the dialogue in the manga doesn't match the dialogue in the game 100%, so we can't just tell the editor, "Just plug the game dialogue into the speech bubbles."

So we just tell ourselves, "Eh, nobody's gonna notice anyway," and go on our merry way. Except that our "merry way" involves this really annoying line of dialogue that can't possibly be translated in a straightforward way and sound like anything resembling a normal conversation, and that makes it Tough. But! I think we emerged victorious from that battle. In the words of Darkwing Duck, "Singed, but triumphant." We hope. We'll find out for sure when we do a final read-through. Or at least, we'll have it set in our minds whether or not we won that fight.

And that concludes today's Kingdom Hearts battle report.

Today I'm thankful for making it through our Kingdom Hearts edit, getting to fight a Purple Gummi Hound this afternoon (since we won't be around to fight one this evening), having plans to go to the Relief Society activity tonight, kind people who would rather go out of their way to make sure we go to the activity than let us stay home, and Page being super cute and following us around.
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