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Achievement Unlocked

It occurred to me last night that I actually don't know what the term "achievement unlocked" means. I mean, it sounds like something people say when they've accomplished something, and yet the words indicate that you not achieved something but unlocked the ability to do so...on the other hand, you theoretically would have done that through another achievement, so maybe it means both?

Anyway, the point is sometimes we (by which I mean "me and Athena," as opposed to the hypothetical "we") think of our lives like a video game. And a lot of the time we get stuck and wonder what it is we're supposed to do to unlock the next achievement...or, in case I'm using that wrong, to unlock the next thing that's supposed to happen.

...And all this reminds me of a tangent. Waaay back when, our cousin used to rent video games, and we would go over to his place and watch him play them, because with RPGs, that's really the only way to play them "together." One time, he rented the new Squaresoft RPG, Breath of Fire (the series moved on to Capcom, but the first game came from Squaresoft). After we finished up in the underwater fish village, we got stuck. Like seriously, massively stuck. We went to every single place on the map that we could possibly go, and I'm not even exaggerating--we went to every single place. Nothing new happened. We had to re-rent the game, because we were taking so long trying to figure out what the heck we had to do next. This was before the age of the internet, so even if we wanted to look it up online, we couldn't.

Finally, the idea occurred to someone to go back into the underwater fish village and ask around or something. Once stuff started happening again, we remember that as we left the fish village the first time, the fish character (I think his name was Gobi) said, "Wait, I forgot something." Palm, meet forehead. The moral of the story is, sometimes when you feel stuck, it's important to go back a little bit.

Anyway, just yesterday we were discussing how in the days of MMORPGs, sometimes you really can't unlock the next event until the game developers release new content. I'm not sure that's relevant either. At least not to this story, anyway.

But the point is, about fifteen minutes after we updated LJ yesterday with the last of the Saiyuki Twitter translations, a deliveryman knocked on our door, with the newest volume of Kingdom Hearts II! Tadah! Achievement Unlocked!

It was a good thing, too, because we had been told weeks ago that our deadline was going to be in less than two weeks from now, and we were starting to get worried. But now we've already finished our first draft! Tadah!

Also, we think we realized why we've gotten into the habit of leaving a lot of dialogue (in our first draft) sounding incredibly awkward. When we're working on Kingdom Hearts, there are a lot of scenes that have us going, "We're going to have to check the game on that." There's not much point in wracking our brains to come up with the perfect translation if we're just going to have to change it to match the game dialogue anyway. It's a system that works for Kingdom Hearts. The problem arises when it becomes a habit and we start doing it with everything else we translate. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for extension cords, having our Litter Robot set up, fond reminiscences of Breath of Fire (that was an awesome game), getting to work on Kingdom Hearts again! (so much love♥), and having a lovely time playing video games last night.
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