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Saiyuki Twitter: The Final

So we figured, since we took the day off today, it would be a shame to spend our usual half hour (to forty-five minutes) translating Saiyuki Twitter, and we worked for not one, but TWO CD's worth...and when we finished, we realized the next good morning tweet was for the very last day of the account! So we put in another CD and translated the rest of it.

Hakkai: Good morning. The skies continue to be threatening. Whether you're on vacation or at work, be careful of sudden downpours.
This account will only be up for a few more days. We would like to not to let that affect our tweets, and to present our daily life as usual, and we hope you'll stay with us. I would also sincerely like to avoid the crude humor.

Toudai: [Saiyuki Ibun cameo] Houmei disappeared again after lunch. Has anyone seen him? We're about to start houjutsu training. [Houjutsu: priestly jutsu; like ninjutsu, but for priests]
...Ugh, I'm not sure he realizes that he's training to be a Sanzo.... We must not complain about the severity of the training, and meditate to clear our minds. Isn't that right, Genkai?

Genkai: Dried squid. (。・д・。)

Kazuya Minekura retweet: In @MottomoAsobu, I'm going to delete the tweets from characters that don't fit the timeline of the main story (some characters who are in the main story will delete their own tweets).
I can't take any requests, but oft-requested characters like Houmei and Ukoku have already appeared and been deleted... [We're just as sad as you are. The only one we managed to catch before this happened was a Saitou (Bus Gamer) tweet, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.]

Goku: We got to town late, so we didn't think we'd get a room, but we did! picture

Goku: Good morning! I'm eating breakfast. (=`・ω・´)∩ Today it's a Chinese dessert buffet!
I used to always eat all I could at "all-you-can-eat" places, but it's not nice to not leave any food for anyone else, so lately, I've been trying really hard to cut back. picture

Hakkai: Goku...our little boy is growing up. I'm so happy, but also sad. It gives one such mixed feelings, doesn't it, Sanzo?

Sanzo: ...Hn.
He'll really be grown up when he can't eat as much as he thought he could, and gets unstoppable heartburn afterwards.

Gojyo: That's not growing up, that's getting old.

Sanzo: .........!!?

Hakkai: Sanzo, Gojyo.
つSeirogan (Hakkai logo)

Goku: \it has a bugle logo/

Goku: Oops, let me fix that!
\it doesn't have a bugle logo/

Goku: There was a really friendly cat outside the inn last night. picture

Goku: But when Gojyo got close to it, it started hissing and ran away. He was really depressed, so I gave him a spring roll at dinner. picture

Gojyo: I ordered those spring rolls, but...thanks.

Goku: So we were hanging out in our room, and suddenly we hear this really loud "bang!" from outside. So we all got down and braced ourselves for a fight, and when we looked out the window, there were all these huge fireworks in the sky. We all froze for a few seconds while we watched them, and then just quietly went back to what we were doing. Then we couldn't take it any more and burst out laughing.

Sanzo: It's morning. Get up.
"A-um Two Characters" ( ̄人 ̄)ding
In the Sanskrit alphabet, A is the first character, and UM is the last. They represent creation from conception to conclusion. Everything has a beginning and an end. If you take a step, there will be a destination beyond it. But if you're afraid of the end, you'll never begin anything.

Gojyo: ...Sanzo-sama's actually saying something priestly for once, but I'm having a hard time appreciate it, because I watched him type it with a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth.

Goku: According to Hakkai, we keep running into mountains we didn't expect, because the calamity changed the topography so it doesn't match the map.
Man, it's pretty hot for being in the mountains!

Hakkai: The sun is well past the horizon, but we've determined we won't find any civilization tonight.
But there are too many mosquitos to comfortably set up camp here, and we have no emergency food rations, so I do hope we can find a town while the sun is up tomorrow. That being the case, we're going back down to the foot of the mountain so we can drive around it during the night.

Hakkai: Goku's stomach is putting on a concert for us, so I think now would be a good time to stop for dinner. Fortunately, the proprietor of the inn we stayed at last night gave us plenty of goya from his garden, so inevitably our main dish would be goya chanpuruu...or it would be if we weren't out of eggs and tofu. We don't even have a frying pan.

Sanzo: ...So we're eating straight goya then.

Hakkai: I think I can manage some asazuke [lightly pickled] goya... It tastes good, I promise.

Goku: Goya sounds like some kind of really powerful weapon.

Gojyo: You want us to go around bludgeoning assassins with goya?

Hakkai: Oh, apparently goya tea is an effective treatment for diabetes, Sanzo.

Goku: Goya Excalibur!

Gojyo: Don't you mean Goya Tonfa? lololol [Tonfa and goya both originate in Okinawa]

Sanzo: Would you shut up about goya...!!!

Sanzo: ...Wait, who are you calling diabetic, Hakkai?

Goku: That was slow!

Hakkai: I'm terribly sorry to have worried all of you. After driving all night, we managed to find a town sooner than we expected. I've just checked us in, so after a light meal, we'd all like to take a nap.
When the assassins found us early this morning and our sleepiness was at its peak, we were abnormally happy to kill things.

Sanzo: ...I have a vague memory of assassins, but I don't remember beating them.

Gojyo: Please don't automatically kill things in your sleep. It's gonna be too dangerous for us to sleep in the same room.

Goku: (((๑º ロ º๑))) ...I'm...hung...

Konzen: picture

Tenpo: I suggested to Konzen that, since we have this opportunity, he should take it to tweet something, and he stubbornly refused, insisting, "I have nothing to say." So I offered him my tablet and asked him to please take a picture. A few days later, he gave it back to me with only one new picture in the roll, so I posted it in his place.

Kenren: Well, that's just how he is. The kid sure is cute when he's asleep.

Sanzo: It was supposed to be a nap, but that stupid face does not look like it's going to wake up any time soon.

Hakkai: Let him sleep as long as he likes. While you two slept through our drive, he really pushed himself to stay awake and keep me and Jeep company.

Gojyo: Leave him alone and hunger'll wake him up soon enough. Look, he's drooling. lolololol

Gojyo: In the old days, we never had anything resembling a breakfast routine, but we're so used to it now. Even the monkey, who was out cold yesterday, is good as new after plenty of sleep and food. But what's with that pose? lolol

Hakkai: That's the first Kamen Rider's transformation pose I taught him. You need a firmer reach on that elbow.

Sanzo: ...How old are you?

Hakkai: My seat. picture

Goku: For some reason, we started talking about pandas, and Gojyo was all, "Don't pandas have scary eyes?" And we were like,"What does a panda look like to you?" So he was like, "Well, you know. Like this." And was really serious while he drew this picture.

Sanzo: ...What is this polka-dotted monster dairy cow?

Hakkai: One can only be so bad at drawing...

Goku: So I was like, "No, they look like this!" and I drew this, but I think it's a little off.

Hakkai: But it IS very cute.

Gojyo: You made it so fluffy, all I can see is the armpit hair and family jewels. lol

Sanzo: This is a panda.

Gojyo: ...You're so proud of that you signed your name, Sanzo-sama?

Hakkai: Hmm, well, it IS bear-like...but it also looks like an old man in tights.

Goku: I want a t-shirt with that.

Hakkai: I believe this is what a panda looks like.

Goku: \(^o^)/ Whoa.

Gojyo: I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared.

Sanzo: ...Not bad.

Gojyo: Uh, was this some kind of contest?

Hakkai: Good morning, everyone. Today is a pleasant day, perfect for doing laundry. It feels like it's going to be a hot one.
Now, today is the release date for Saiyuki Reload Blast volume two. As per our arrangement, we will cease updating Twitter after today, but we plan to proceed as usual, without letting that affect our tweets.

Goku: This has nothing to do with anything, but I just looked over at Gojyo's smartphone, and his wallpaper is still the puppy butt, so I laughed.

Gojyo: ...You're right--that has nothing to do with anything!

Gojyo: An hour after we started driving, the monkey realized he left his phone at the inn--on the last day, we have to make a u-turn. lololol
I told him it doesn't matter, he can just use ours, but he wouldn't listen--he just had to go back and get his.

Hakkai: Well, these are on loan, so we really should give them back.

Gojyo: By the way, Sanzo started two quiet riots over the loss of his phone, always leaving it at the bar or the john.
But Goku always managed to retrace Sanzo's footsteps and find it.

Sanzo: You're one to talk, darn kappa--dropping your phone everywhere and getting cracks all over the screen.

Hakkai: I've heard that the way one treats his cell phone is a reflection of how he treats himself.

Goku: I just got my phone back! I'm really sorry!! But I really didn't want the Twitter thing to end with my phone gone, you know?

Sanzo: The darn spider lilies are already growing along the road. Is this another effect of the minus wave?
Also known as Higanbana, the "Far Shore flower of death." In Buddhist scriptures, they're also known as "flower of the heavens."
My master once told me what they mean in the language of flowers. I think it was, "Until we meet again." picture

Hakkai: Well, the time has come. The representative is here, so everyone turn in your smartphone (or dino-phone, in Sanzo's case).

Gojyo: I used to think walking around with a smartphone (or dino-phone, in Sanzo's case) was a pain in the neck, but after everything, I can't help being a attached.

Goku: Goodbye, smartphones (and Sanzo's dino-phone)! It was fun!

Sanzo: ...Listen, dino-phone users of the world. Hold your heads high. I approve of your choice.

Hakkai: Well, everyone, it wasn't long, but thank you for spending time with us. We four will always be traveling like this, so I hope occasionally you turn your thoughts to us and think, "Oh, I bet they're drunk and doing something stupid right now."

Goku: Found Hakkai.

Goku: Found Gojyo.

Goku: Found Sanzo.

Goku: And they're all still with me now. It was a lot of fun.
That's all!!!!!!

Ukoku: Well, did you enjoy this?

Ukoku: Then shall I get rid of it?

Ukoku: Juuust kidding♪
I thought I'd wipe it all cleanly away, but I've changed my mind.
Sometimes leaving things around causes more pain later.
I'll see you again soon☆

Kazuya Minekura retweet: As of yesterday, @MottomoAsobu has stopped updating. I was planning on using the Muten Sutra on it at midnight, but not everyone was able to follow the updates in real time, so I'll leave it up for a while and delete it later. Thank you very much for reading.

It's kind of bittersweet. As for us, we'd probably just be like, "Well, time to get that volume of manga they're advertising," but we have to wait for a paycheck. Anyway, the whole thing has our Saiyuki translating blood pumping, so if we don't get too lazy, maybe we'll translate some of the dramas from Noisy or Party (one of those CDs has a bit where the Saiyuki boys find themselves putting on a play...of Cinderella). But we do have, like, a "job" and stuff, so I guess we'll see how that goes.

Today I'm thankful for making it all the way through Saiyuki Twitter, all the fun that it provided, Page being super cute and demanding attention, getting to buy more grape juice, and having a lovely day off today.

PS: I loooove that last picture of Hakkai.
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