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Aaaand we're back.

I think I figured out why we keep getting stuck on edits these days. Before, we used to be like, "It sounds a little funny, but it's the best we can come up with, and it's not so bad, so whatever." Now, we're determined to make it better, and I've got this hang-up about whether or not treating a sentence a certain way would make me a bad translator. For example, we decided to translate a word a certain way, then add a translation note for just a little bit more context, and I was like, "But shouldn't we just be able to come up with a translation that doesn't need a note!?" And I had to calm myself down by reminding myself that it's okay, different languages are different.

Anyway, despite the stress (now that I'm sort of figuring out the source, I'm having an easier time dealing with it), we finished work early, and that means extra time for Saiyuki Twitter!

Hakkai: Good morning. ...But we're all going to bed.
I'm sorry to have not only caused you unnecessary worry, but to be late in reporting the details. We are all safe and unharmed. There wasn't serious damage to the town, and most importantly, there were no casualties.

Hakkai: We took about two more laps around the city, making sure everyone was safe and cleaning up youkai bodies and debris. At first the citizens were too scared to come out of hiding, but they did come out and help, too. After that, they treated us to dinner and baths. I have nothing but gratitude for their warmth and kindness.

Hakkai: ...Sanzo and the others are already asleep, so this is only between us. The other day, after wracking my brains to come up with a wish for the new moon, the words, "I think I'd wish for things to stay the way they are," slipped out of my mouth. I thought that might be a little too vague. Because if spending our days goofing off together is the status quo, then so is fighting youkai everyday.

Gojyo: ...There you go, overthinking everything again. What's wrong with you wanting to maintain the status quo? Say it means you want us to be us today and tomorrow.

Goku: ...Oh man, I slept so hard.
Good afternoon. (つ_- 。) 。o.゚

Goku: ...Whenever I open Twitter, my timeline's full of yummy-looking food, and I'm punched in the stomach by hunger, so I'm going to stop following it. I'm sorry, Meshi-Tero bot. ...I give up. It isn't you, it's me.

Sanzo: Three days, huh? That's a pretty good run.

Hakkai: It was like planting landmines at his own feet...

Gojyo: It was pretty surreal, seeing and "roast beef" and "shrimp gratin" between all of our tweets.

Hakkai: We spent today helping the townspeople repair the building damage from last night. It's nice to have Goku and Gojyo around for such manual labor, isn't it, Sanzo?

Sanzo: ...Hn. I'm your supervisor. And I supervised.

Gojyo: You know how the townspeople were so nice about it? That's because they thought you got hurt fighting youkai and couldn't move.
We couldn't tell them, "Nah, he just has a sore arm for getting too involved in a game of ping-pong."

Goku: I hope they don't get attacked for a while. But we are wearing our battle clothes instead of yukata now.
...But man, that was hilarious when we finally saw each other in the lobby again. Everyone's yukata was totally falling off.

Hakkai: We did look like a group of exhibitionists... Gojyo had rolled up all the hems of his wet yukata, and it looked like he was wearing short balloon shorts, baring his legs for all to see. I'm sorry; I can't help grinning thinking about it.

Sanzo: You call slapping your knee and shaking with laughter "grinning"?

Gojyo: I couldn't help it! If I'd taken it off, I'd be going around in my underwear! If I saw a girl cowering in fear and tried to help her, she would've screamed and ran at the sight of me!

Goku: Gojyo! lolololol Stop! lololololol It's too funny! lolololololol My stomach hurts!

Hakkai: ...Now then, tomorrow, we bid farewell to the hot springs first thing in the morning. An unforgiving mountain crossing awaits us, so we'd like to go to bed early. Good night, everyone.
And Sanzo, you're shaking with laughter, too.

Sanzo: It's morning. Get up.
I will read a sutra to the peace, safety, and prosperity of this town. Thank you for everything. Farewell, fruit milk.
"Tied Together by Karma" ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Goku: Before we left the inn, Hakkai made some onigiri that we could have for lunch, and he let me help to make my own, so I made a really big one with all of the add-ins, each in its own spot, and Hakkai complimented me and said it looked like an avant-garde soccer ball. It was really good. (*゚ー゚)
...Aw, I should've taken a picture.

Hakkai: Fortunately, the weather is good and it still feels like a pleasant hike, but we're going even deeper into the mountains. We won't be getting any reception, so we won't be able to tweet. I'm sorry this keeps happening.
We'll see you again in a few days, bedraggled after days of camping.

Gojyo: You know for a "pleasant hike," Sanzo-sama is already pretty out of breath. picture

[two weeks later]

Hakkai: ............Gojyo.......... What have you done?

Hakkai: And we're back. This is Genjyo Sanzo Ikkou. Our grueling mountain crossing ended without incident, but then we were constantly visited by radio disturbance, so we hope you'll forgive our inability to tweet for such a long time.
On the bright side, you didn't have to see how terribly drunk we were after our long bout of camping.
We are currently driving onward under the summer sun.

Hakkai: There's only a short time left, but we hope you'll stay with us until the graphic novel goes on sale.
...Gojyo probably clicked on a landmine while looking for...something else. Don't worry; I will give him a stern talking to later. [This may be a reference to the "what have you done" from earlier, which still remains a mystery.]

Sanzo: Refreshing. picture

Goku: Dinner nau! picture

Goku: Huh?
Hey, you're right, I can totally see myself! [in that last picture]

Hakkai: The daikon mochi at this shop is flavorful and delicious. I'd like to learn how they make it. picture

Gojyo: It's just daikon mochi. What are you dressing up the picture for?

Sanzo: What's that frame you put there? How do you do that?

Goku: I don't think you can do it on your dino-phone, Sanzo. \(^o^)/

Gojyo: So the monkey was showing Sanzo how to use a smartphone, then he comes to me and says, "Sanzo won't give me my phone back," which somehow meant he got to take MY phone, so I'm bored, and I think, "Maybe I'll borrow Hakkai's," but he rejected me with that smile, so I had to steal my phone back from Goku, and he's changed the wallpaper to a puppy butt. The heck.

Goku: Good morning! I'm eating breakfast! (=`・ω・´)∩
Why is fresh-cooked rice so good? It's good plain, and it's good with stuff on it or mixed in it. What do you guys like to eat with rice? I like meat.

Gojyo: One word: Mentaiko.

Sanzo: Natto. Or namero with tea poured over it.

Hakkai: First, you can't leave out the tsukemono. And I can't forget preserved konbu or flaked bonito or salmon, oh and I love chicken soboro. Sometimes I prefer brown rice. A simple umeboshi or TKG [tamago kake gohan] can be nice, or a walnut miso shiso wrap...I'm sorry, I need more time to think.

Goku: It's okay, Hakkai. You don't have to take it so seriously.

Sanzo: It's morning. Get up.
Over the last few days, I've learned a lot about emoticons and picture frames, but the one I've used from the beginning sums it all up the best. "He that would know what shall be [the new] must consider what has been [the old]."
"Crushing Evil and Spreading the Truth." ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Goku: When I went shopping with Hakkai the other day, I found a really fluffy "tail charm," and when I gave it to Sanzo, he said, "...This is way too warm and fuzzy for my phone." But he was really mad just now, and arguing with Gojyo, and the whole time, he was fluffing that charm. It was kinda heartwarming.

Gojyo: When it's this hot and humid in the morning, I just don't wanna do anything. Not that I ever want to do anything. You all be careful not to get heat stroke, okay?
...Can't we just get a top for Jeep already?

Hakkai: If we put a top on the car, then we won't show up in the bird's-eye view shots, so the grown-ups say no. [the "grown-ups" line might be Hakkai's way of saying "for reasons you children may not understand"]

Goku: What? That's why?

Sanzo: ...Can't you at least tell them it would narrow our field of vision and make it easier for enemies to take us off guard?

Hakkai: A hood would narrow our field of vision, making it easier for enemies to take us off guard, so the answer is no.

Gojyo: Uh, it's a little late.

Hakkai: The inn we stayed at last night was having electrical problems, so we didn't have power all night (it happens sometimes). The inn provided us with shaded candles that were extremely chic and the colors had real ambience, so with four men sitting for so long in such romantic lighting, things got extremely uncomfortable, and we didn't say much to each other before going off to sleep.

Goku: And Gojyo, as usual, had indigestion and was hogging the only bathroom. After we waited forever and he never came out, Hakkai got impatient and sat seiza-style in front of the bathroom and started telling ghost stories.

Gojyo: ...You guys are seriously gonna pay for this, and don't you forget it.
I didn't mean it, I'm sorry! Stop, stop!
You're making it so I can't go!

Hakkai: ...The bathroom is not your private property, Gojyo. This is why I keep telling you to take a (homemade) Seirogan after meals. Next, you will hear a series of three ghost stories featuring lavatories.

Sanzo: ...I think he's more afraid of you than the ghosts.

Goku: Recent back-and-forth:
Hakkai: "How are you going to make it up to me when my bladder explodes?"
Gojyo: "Could YOU Make it up to everyone when I crap all over our room!?"
Hakkai: "I understand. I take full responsibility. Now get out."
Gojyo: "...I don't want you to take responsibility...!"
I busted a gut.

Incidentally, we avoid the perfectionist hangups on these by not rereading the translations, so if they sound funny, we're sorry! (But I guess not that sorry. But we do care a little, because we don't move on from a sentence until it sounds reasonably okay. Usually.)

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, having plans to take the day off tomorrow, having some salted caramel blondie bites waiting for us, Shigure being soooo cute in that volume of Missions, and getting that translation turned in.
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