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There's been a bit of talk on our Facebook feed about Primary Voice. "Primary Voice" is the term used to describe how female general authorities tend to talk in our church. The people talking about it seemed to think that it's a woman's way of taking in a harmless tone of voice, to avoid being ostracized our sounding like a witch with a capital B. Our friend Gaston, on the other hand, describes it like they're talking to a bunch of five-year-olds.

Today, we had an experience that we think cuts to the root of the phenomenon. The Primary chorister couldn't come to church today, and so Athena had to act as her substitute. This week, the idea was to teach the kids the song "Seek the Lord Early." They had already gone over about three-fourths of the lyrics when Athena realized, "Oh hey, there are some fancy words in this song. Maybe I should make sure the kids know what they mean." As an adult with a bigger vocabulary (and one who often is like, "Eh, I can kinda figure it out from context"--we are not naturally very inquisitive), it didn't really occur to her that the kids might not understand some of the words.

When Athena was explaining this thought process to me, I thought about how I bet people who teach Primary for a long time get into a habit of always explaining fancy words. In that same vein, women who spend a long time in positions where they're talking to five-year-olds are likely to develop a habit of talking that way all the time. So in a sense, it might be their way of acting extra humble, but not as a way of submitting to the men or trying to avoid being "that woman." More as a way to make small children feel comfortable and not intimidated.

I will agree, however, that Primary Voice can be very annoying. I think it's kind of an automatic reaction, though--I find myself talking that way to Logan when we haven't seen him in a while. Usually after we've been hanging out, I start to talk like a normal person again, but the point is, people can't always help it.

This has been another installment of "what if we looked at it this way instead?" We plan to get back to Saiyuki Twitter translations tomorrow, if the account is still up.

Today I'm thankful for Fluttershy reacting appropriately to our trip to the store yesterday (I was feeling silly, so before we left, I said, "Well, Fluttershy, we're going to the store," and I pressed her cutie mark to make her talk, at which point she said, "*gaaaasp!* ...yay." (she says six different things)), having a lovely time chatting with people at church today, getting some rain last night, getting to hear two more of the Dark Kingdom generals in Sailor Moon Crystal (guys! we have a picture of the new voice of Queen Beryl sitting in our Power Wheels Jeep!), and etymology.
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