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Saturday=time evaporation

I was fully intending on posting more Saiyuki Twitter today, but our time has just vanished. That tends to happen on Saturday. We had to go to the store, and we had a baptism to go to, and we watched some anime, which I guess we didn't have to do, but we didn't realize we wouldn't have time later to do stuff. I haven't entirely given up on translating a little bit of Saiyuki Twitter later, but we still have stuff to do tonight, so we'll see.

In the meantime, we haven't heard back from the electric violinist, so I'm thinking it's been sold to somebody else. I'm just a little bit bummed about it, because the last message we got from her was a picture so we'd know what it looks like, and it's pink and awesome and I want it. Oh well, maybe we'll be able to save up and buy our own later. And for now, I totally have an acoustic violin, if I would just get the bridge replaced.

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy more salted caramel blondie bites, being mostly done with doing stuff today, the milk not bursting open when the handles on the grocery bag snapped (this type of thing has happened before; you'd think we'd learn our lesson and start using reusable cloth bags), the lovely overcast weather, and pink electric violins.
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