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Today was so eventful! We went to the bank! We got a text from our sister about a friend of hers selling an electric violin! We got extra silly while attempting to edit our Missions of Love translation! It's kind of a weird thing, because we love Missions of Love so much, and yet, or perhaps because of it, we really hate the idea of editing it. Maybe it's because we get so stuck on it. But we get stuck on everything these days. Maybe we need a vacation. I don't know.

Anyway, we also translated more Saiyuki Twitter.

Goku: Good morning! And now, breakfast! (=`・ω・´)∩
When I woke up, all that was left of my yukata was the belt. I wonder how it came off.

Hakkai: Nobody's tweeting. ...Honestly, you're all so lazy.

Hakkai: This is my fourth beer. Honestly.

Goku: On Twitter, Hakkai's always acted like a good, hard worker, but I have seen the moment when he just gave it up.

Goku: But it's time like this where he seems the happiest.

Sanzo: It's morning. Get up.
I do like morning baths. They cleanse the soul. A bottle of fruit milk awaits.
"Purification of Body and Mind" ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Gojyo: So after some intense drinking last night, I decided to take a bath in the wee hours of the morning, and as I passed by the deserted shower area, I noticed Hakkai totally absorbed in washing his hair and humming, "Let it go, let it go♪" It was slightly horrific.
He acts like he's totally sober, and then I see that. Jerk.

Goku: If you put a mic in his face he will NEVER sing, but he actually hums, like, all the time. One time, I caught him rocking out to his own version of "Flying Get" while he was hanging the laundry. I pretended I didn't see anything.

Sanzo: ...Sounds like being drunk or sober doesn't make any difference.

Hakkai: Gentlemen, I think you're talking a little too much about me.

Gojyo: Could you look me in the eye and say that?

Retweet: Kawanimals
One step at a time. picture

Hakkai: ...Huh? Who retweeted the Cute Animals bot?

Goku: What? Whoa, you're right.

Gojyo: I dunno, wasn't me. lolololol

Hakkai: It is cute, but personally, I think we should refrain from retweets, Sanzo.
And Goku, no unauthorized following the Meshi-Tero [food terrorism] bot.

Goku: ;゚ロ゚)

Gojyo: Like stupid father, like stupid son.

Hakkai: Good morning.
After taking full advantage of the open-air bath last evening, the night was awfully dark, and I realized it was because it was a new moon. I've heard that since ancient times, they say that if you make a wish on the new moon...on Saku, it's more likely to come true. What would you wish for? I've been thinking about that since last night.

Gojyo: Man, you guys get up early.
We were supposed to leave today, so I got dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn, then Hakkai looked out the window and said, "...Rain. Let's just stay here another day," and without even asking Sanzo's opinion, our stay got extended. Sanzo did a double take. It was awesome. I'm going back to sleep.

Goku: If you don't exercise enough, you get out of shape, so we're at a hot spring, yesterday we played ping-pong, and while we were playing, it got really heated, and everyone had rolled up their sleeves and was getting really into it. We were playing doubles and switching up the teams the whole time, so no one took a picture.

Goku: continued
But it was really fun! Towards the end we made up a weird rule for some reason that said you have to shout some kind of attack name when you do a killer serve.
Sanzo and Hakkai were the strongest? pair, but watching them today, their dominant arms are moving kinda slow. Maybe I'm imagining it.

Gojyo: They're always lecturing us, but they're the immaturest of all. lolol Don't get so into it you sprain something. lololololol
When they were both leaning forward, paddles at the ready, it was terrifying.

Hakkai: We were attacked by youkai a little while ago. Please excuse me while I make a business tweet.

Hakkai: Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo, where are you now? I'm just getting back to the inn.

Goku: Uhhh, where AM I? Near the town square.

Sanzo: I'm by the shopping district.

Sanzo: I got all the ones I could see, but I don't know how many are left. Be careful.

Goku: I don't think they were Gyumao's assassins.

Hakkai: I agree. They were clearly going after the townspeople without giving us a second thought.

Hakkai: For now, come back here as soon as you've assessed the damage and made sure there aren't any survivors. We'll meet in the lobby. If you find anyone who's injured, let me know and I'll go attend to them.

Goku: Roger that. Hey, where's Gojyo?

Hakkai: Gojyo, respond.

Gojyo: ...Dangit, they pushed me in the bath with my robe on! Gimme a break!!!

Sanzo: What happened to your phone?

Hakkai: Your smartphone is okay, right?

Goku: It's not waterproof, you have to be careful!

Gojyo: ...I was so overwhelmed by you guys's concern that I almost threw my phone at the floor.

Goku: Aww, those guys wouldn't've killed you, Gojyo.

Hakkai: Nevertheless, there were a lot of them, and there are definitely restrictions when fighting in a yukata. ...I'm glad you're all safe.

Goku: A yukata's one thing, but I ran out in slippers, too! Bad idea.

Sanzo: I found it surprisingly easy to move around.

Gojyo: You always wear a robe.

Hakkai: ...We've gotten complacent over the last few days. I have learned my lesson.

Sanzo: You learning a lesson isn't going to help anything.

Goku: But hey, it's good we didn't leave this morning. And the rain's stopped.

Gojyo: I'm soaked anyway.

Hakkai: But you know, it's awfully convenient to have a way to communicate when we're separated like this.

Goku: But don't we have to give the phones back next month?

Gojyo: Can't we call it a business expense for the great Sanzo Ikkou?

Hakkai: No, we cannot. I don't think it's wise to let the world see us wasting our time drinking and lying around every evening, and if our enemies find this account, they'll know where we are, and finally, Sanzo might become a video game junkie.

Sanzo: ( メ ̄っ ̄) [not sure if this is vulgar or not...probably is...]

Goku: Sanzo got quiet.

Hakkai: Just now.

Hakkai: Screams.

Goku: !?

Gojyo: What's wrong?

Hakkai: They're coming from near the inn.

Hakkai: But where?

Sanzo: You go, Goku. You're closest.

Goku: On it.

Goku: Got him. Hakkai's healing the wounded. He says look around some more, then meet in the lobby.

Gojyo: Roger that.

Sanzo: Got it.

We always like to stop right before a good morning tweet, so if it seems like it kind of trails off, that's because it did. Also, it means that when our CD ends, we keep going until the next good morning tweet, but oh my goodness, June 29 had a ton of tweets! It was pretty fun to translate though.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the bank, having fun goofing off (while we were supposed to be working...), having some new anime recommendations from our home teacher, having prospects of an electric violin in our future, and amps not being very expensive.
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