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Oh man, today was not supposed to take this long. Or, it was--I mean, all days last twenty-four hours (approximately), but we weren't supposed to spend so much of it working! We love Ema Toyama to bits, but her afterwords are soooooo texty! And the afterword for Missions of Love 10 is extra long! Soooo loooooong! It took half an hour to translate three pages! Ah well, at least they're a fun read.

Anyway, that being the case, today's installment of Saiyuki Twitter might be a little bit short.

Goku: Good morning! I washed my face, and I'm waiting for breakfast.(=`・ω・´)∩
Oh yeah, thanks for telling us your favorite ice creams. I really like Pino, too! It's nice cuz you can share it. There were a bunch I'd never heard of, so I'm gonna look for 'em and try 'em.
...Oh man, now I'm really hungry.

Hakkai: It's another drive under clear skies today. It's really starting to feel like summer.
Now, the owner of the last inn warned me that we'd have to cross a few mountains to get to the next town. Our tweets may delayed due to poor reception again.
I bought some PA++++ to prevent sunburns, so we're all set.

Gojyo: Forget sunblock; we need some kinkan or muhi [for bug bites and itching].

Goku: Mosquitoes really like to snack on Gojyo. Is his blood really tasty or something?

Sanzo: ...Whatever you do, don't eat the kappa, Goku. You'll get a terminal illness. You'll grow antennae, your nether regions will rupture, and you'll die.

Hakkai: All right, I understand. I'll do something about the kinkan. Everyone, we'll talk again in a few days.

Gojyo: Don't make your own!! Whatever you do, DON'T MAKE ANY!!!!!

[nine days later]

Hakkai: It's good to see you again, everyone. A few days ago, we got stranded and wandered the mountains. As we hurled ugly insults at each other, we arrived at some hot springs where we soaked until we were all wrinkly, got plenty to eat, did some drinking, and now we're all dead drunk.
All four of us are completely useless at the moment, but I look forward to tweeting again tomorrow.

Goku: Gojyo nassyi! [could be related to Funassyi, the mascot of Funabashi. could also be like "Gojyo Nessy," because the picture is blurry, as if trying to get a photo of a mysterious lake creature]

Gojyo: If you're gonna take my picture, do it right, monkey!!

Sanzo: ...We need more snacks. belch(* ̄口 ̄)□=3

Goku: つ-{}@{}@{}- yakitori!!

Sanzo: ―○●◎ Hanami dango

Hakkai: ...I apologize for the drunkards. I'll get them a stern talking to later.

Hakkai: Good morning, everyone. I'm terribly sorry you had to see that drunken display last night. As a constant reminder of the need to think about what they've done, I will not be deleting the Gojyo Nassyi picture.
Now, to alleviate our fatigue from our days in the mountains, we plan to spend another day here at the hot springs inn.

Hakkai: When I visit a hot spring, I like to take a morning soak, so I woke up early and headed for the bath and found an intoxicated Sanzo lying like a drowned man in the water. Going into the bath drunk is extremely dangerous, so please don't. Now, no one's showing any signs of waking up, so I think I'll go back to bed.

Goku: We noticed a lot of excitement in town, and we found out there's a soccer game on, so after a bath, we all drank some milk and watched the game. Those athletes have some pretty awesome moves, but it seems like it'd be more fun to play then to watch, and it's not like I have anybody to root for, so I don't usually watch sports.

Hakkai: Come to think of it, we don't really have the most sportsmanlike image, do we?

Gojyo: Here's a hint why:
1)We hate effort and team spirit.
2)We're not team players.
3)We can't keep rules.

Sanzo: I love fruit milk.

Goku: But hey, it's fun here at the hot spring. There's like these foamy bubbles. It's like soaking in cider.

Hakkai: These hot springs are naturally carbonated, and are an effective treatment for fatigure, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and general healing of wounds.
Incidentally, Sanzo. Once we leave the inn, we'll be forced to do some intense hiking.

Sanzo: So?

Hakkai: Each of has built up some fatigue on our forced march, you especially had several leg cramps during the hike. If we don't stay another day to recover and get our spirits up, I believe our future mountain-climbing will be even more strenuous.

Gojyo: 100% agreement.

Sanzo: Stay out of this, kappa. You all just want to stay another day.

Hakkai: And when we go back into the mountains, we'll lose reception again and we may not be able to tweet anymore. Our followers are looking forward to our tweets; it would be rude to keep tweeting in starts and stops like this.

Sanzo: ...That was dirty, deliberately bringing that up where everyone can see it.
Have it your way.

Goku: ヽ(・∀・)ノyay!

Hakkai: Thank you very much, Sanzo. I'll go see if I can reserve the rooms for two or three more days.

Sanzo: ...Wait a second. Don't try to sneak in more days.

Goku: Yonaki soba!
I was gonna take a picture, but the next thing I knew it was gone. It's a mystery.

Gojyo: I feel an even bigger mystery watching as it disappears into your stomach at super speed.

Hakkai: A lot of people are asking, so... "Yonaki soba" is food stand ramen, so to speak. These days, a lot of hotels, inns, etc. offer it as a nighttime service. If you ask Google-sensei for some images [夜鳴きそば], you'll experience some late-night munchie terrorism, so by all means! [Late-night munchie terrorism; yashoku-tero: getting hungry looking at pictures of food late at night]

Or maybe it's not short at all. Maybe that's part of the problem, Hakkai coming along and using a million kanji compounds that we have to look up. Stupid Hakkai. (Just kidding, Hakkai! We don't really mean it! We love you!)

Today I'm thankful for finally being finished with work, getting to watch Pac-man last night (didn't really like it that much, but maybe it will get better), my phone being done charging, new story in Kingdom Hearts [chi], and a Lea & Isa card at the Mog Trade.
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