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We did not finish work early today, so we have much less Saiyuki Twitter to offer.

Goku: Good morning! I'm on standby for breakfast! (=`・ω・´)∩
...Huh? Oh, you're right! Gojyo's passed out in the hall! What the heck? He could have woken us up.
I guess he wouldn't.

Hakkai: ...We do contstantly have people out to kill us, so it's only natural that we'd lock our doors, and it's common sense to take a key with you when you leave, and it's problematic behavior to stay out all night anyway, but I do feel sorry for him, so I will carry him to a bed. What if he catches cold from sleeping on the floor? Honestly.

Sanzo: ...There you have it.

Gojyo: Hey. Picking someone up by the head and the feet and flinging them onto the bed does not count as "carrying."

Gojyo: Hey, San-chan, you're onto something with this solitaire. I was playing until dawn.

Sanzo: What version of solitaire?

Gojyo: Klondike or Spider I think?

Sanzo: Play Free Cell. It's addictive.

Gojyo: k

Goku: My hair's gotten kinda long, and it's getting annoying, but when I asked Hakkai to cut it, for some reason he wanted to cut it like Himura from Bananaman. I have to be careful.

Hakkai: At least compare it to the Beatles.

Sanzo: It's morning. Get up.
I went outside for a smoke, but it's sprinkling. It's annoying, but what can you do?
"Selfless Devotion to Justice" ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Goku: After dinner, Sanzo started sneezing, so I thought he might have a called, and I said, "I'll go get a Seirogan from Hakkai," but he totally stopped me. So I figured we should at least warm him up, so while he was sitting on the bed, I took everyone's blankets and wrapped him up with them, and now he kinda looks like a tenmusu.

Gojyo: I was gonna tweet a picture, but then a bullet flew out of the tenmusu.

Hakkai: I think I've just been dissed.

Goku: Gojyo ditched the morning tweet as usual.

Gojyo: "'Sup, I'm Gojyo. I don't wanna work a day in my life."

Hakkai: Let's try that again.
Oh, good morning, everyone.

Gojyo: I only say "good morning" in a whisper to the woman next to me in bed.

Sanzo: It's too early for your brains to be fried, eternally randy NEET kappa.

Hakkai: And it seems like Sanzo is feeling much better, so that's a relief. Sorry to have worried you.
The skies are finally clear today, so we should have a pleasant drive. I hope you all work hard today, but not too hard.

Tokito: [Wild Adapter cameo] Hey, Kubo-chan, I found a hashtag! #Fridaythe13thJasonKubotaDay

Kubota: [Wild Adapter cameo] Hmm, looks like there are some pretty dangerous Kubota-sans out there.

Goku: (*゚ロ゚)!! It's the guys from Yokohama!

Hakkai: We had a good time at the Dice&Guns event. If we ever have the chance, I hope we can do more sightseeing. Next time, I'd like to go to Okinawa.

Goku: When Gyumao's assassins attack us at the crack of dawn like this, we call it our "mandatory radio calisthenics part 1." It wakes us up, but I get crazy sleepy afterwards.

Hakkai: I always suggest that we take it outside, so as to avoid destroying the inn's property, but they never listen...It's quite a problem.

Gojyo: Well, usually when somebody says, "Let's take this outside!" it just makes people mad.

Sanzo: ...I'm going to sleep.

Goku: Sanzo can sleep in a room covered in broken window glass and dead bodies.

Gojyo: At least help us clean up first, darn priest!

Goku: Shopping nau. It's hot today! (●゚д゚●)

Hakkai: We all (except Sanzo) had a harder time cleaning up this morning then planned, so we all (except Sanzo) took the liberty of napping afterward, and now we're short on time. With such nice weather, I was hoping to get an early start, but there's no helping it now. When we're done shopping, we'll have to be ready to make camp. We're not buying that, Goku.

Sanzo: Sleeping in the car in the forest. Not surprising.
The moon is shining bright tonight.
But brighter than the moonlight is the screen of my phone.

Hakkai: Playing games too long is bad for your eyes, Sanzo. It would have been even better yesterday. They say it was a "Honeymoon" that happens once in a hundred years.

Gojyo: ...Dude, you wanna go to sleep gazing at a "honeymoon" with three other guys? What kind of bet would you have to lose?

\I want some honey toast/

Gojyo: ...Sanzo-sama, close your phone. You're attracting bugs like crazy.

Hakkai: I understand, Sanzo. You can't sleep because you slept so long after the attack this morning.

Goku: (((((( ;゚Д゚)))))

Sanzo: Refreshing.

Hakkai: It's another beautiful day. We're currently hiking along a mountain path that's suitable for driving. It's starting to be the time of year when I worry about sunburns.

Gojyo: Found a goku.

Goku: Don't copy me, Gojyo.

Hakkai: Goku, I don't think that's what you want to complain about *g*

Goku: ......?
I'm not a monkey!!!

Goku: We all got our favorite ice cream before checking in at the inn. ヽ(´▽`)ノ
FYI, I got a Choco Monaka Jumbo, Sanzo got an Azuki Bar, Gojyo got a soda flavored Gari Gari Kun, and Hakkai got a Haagen Dazs Green Tea Crispy Sandwich.
What are all your favorite ice creams?

Gojyo: Anyway, one of these ice creams is not priced like the others.

Sanzo: Azuki Bars are supreme. It's cheap ice cream, but the shape and the flavor are solid, and if you have to, you can bludgeon someone to death with one.

> sudden bludgeoning <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Missions of Love today (technically Say I Love You is due first and will probably take longer, but we got the Missions assignment first and we just wanted to; either way, we have four weeks), Page being friends with Fluttershy (our Fluttershy plush, if you want to get technical, but then I'd have to point out that it's not necessarily a friendship so much as Page sometimes uses Fluttershy as a pillow; either way, it's cute), having a ride to the bank, having plans to read manga tonight, and remembering to thaw the grape juice.
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