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More Saiyuki Twitter

We finished today's work early, so instead of being responsible and starting on our next assignment, we spent more time translating the Saiyuki Twitter!

Goku: Good morning! But (๑º ロ º๑) breakfast! What do you all like for breakfast? Rice, bread, or noodles? I like meat.

Sanzo: ...Hey. I got out of the bath and now I can't find the belt to my robe.

Gojyo: I haven't seen it. Maybe the monkey ate it?

Goku: I wouldn't eat that. It tastes gross.

Hakkai: Oh. I'm sorry. I washed it, and hung it from the eaves to dry. I left some black stockings in the changing room for you to use instead.

Gojyo: Why would you have those?

Sanzo: They're surprisingly stretchy.

Goku: All that laughing wore me out. I'm going to bed. |・ω・*)ノシ good night!!

Sanzo: It's morning. Get up.
...Day off? Then go to sleep. Don't get up. That is all.
"Unshakable and Indestructible" ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Zakuro: Darn you, Sanzo Ikkou...getting all squee squee tee hee hee on Twitter. Where in blazes are you! Show yourselves, you cowards!

Goku: Whoa, it's Zakuro! Long time no see! Where are you?

Zakuro: ...Mrk, the boy! I see you're doing well! As for where I am, I wish I knew!!

Goku: You're lost again? Is there a sign or anything with a place name?

Zakuro: I am not lost! I prefer the term "wanderer"! ...Let's see...there are no signs! It's desert as far as the eye can see!

Goku: We went through a desert a long time ago, maybe that's where you are. Then I guess you're pretty far away. We're at the inn watching DVDs and eating pizza. If you were close, I would've invited you.
Bummer. (o´д`o)

Zakuro: R...really? ////You should have said something.////////

Gojyo: Whoa, annoying...

Gojyo: So I asked everyone if they're a breast man or an a$$ man, and Hakkai says, "I prefer the calf of the leg," then the little monkey comes out with, "Who cares, as long as you like her face, right?" and Sanzo-sama is celibate, so I'm really feeling out of place here.

Sanzo: Do you want those to be your last words?

Hakkai: We happen to be in a resort town and we found a nice hotel, so in the name of giving Jeep a break, we decided to take some time off. Fortunately, we haven't seen any assassins, and I'm feeling very refreshed after my Asian spa treatments. It's been a very relaxing day. Tomorrow, it's back to the grindstone.
Gojyo? We've lost a good man.

Gojyo: Don't bury me yet. Incidentally, I like tight little a$$es.

Hakkai: ...I made the good night tweet last night, so I asked someone else to do the good morning tweet. Who was that again, Gojyo?
Well, it's late, but good morning. It's supposed to rain this evening, so we set out early, but I'm a little nervous about whether or not we'll find shelter before the day is out.

Goku: Oh, oh, me, me! (*・∀・*)ノ Gojyo was drinking all night last night, so he's back here with me, sleeping like the dead. But anyway, I'm seeing tweets from Hakkai while Jeep is going. I'm afraid.

Goku: It's gonna start raining any second, so we're driving reallyreallyfast. ( ̄□ ̄;)
Sanzo's always messing with his phone, but he never tweets, so I thought maybe he was checking a navigation app, but when I looked over his shoulder, he was totally playing solitaire.

Sanzo: I'm carsick.

Gojyo: Who cares...?

Goku: We were all sure we'd have to camp out tonight, but then we found a hut? a shed? Anyway, we found something. But we're soaked! \(^o^)/

Gojyo: This is nothing like what we stayed in last night. And this hut is kinda creepy.

Goku: Whoa, even Gojyo can tell it's creepy.

Hakkai: I was hoping if I didn't say anything, no one would notice.

Gojyo: ...Huh? Wha?

Sanzo: I'm gonna puke.

Gojyo: You're grounded from solitaire, San-chan. And hey, what? What!?

Hakkai: Good morning. What with the cold, the sounds of the storm, and things going bump in the night, none of us (except Sanzo) got much sleep, so we decided to make a hasty departure as soon as the sun was up. We hope to get to an inn sooner rather than later.
I almost feel like there are three people in the backseat, but I'm sure I'm imagining it.

Dokugaku: Kou said he'd never had sushi before, so out of nowhere, Yaone offers to go off and train in the art of sushi rolling. But then we started talking about how it'd be better if Lirin could make some, too, so tonight we're having homemade sushi. Kou is being forced to eat the Lirin Special with all the ingredients. He looks happy.

Sanzo: ...I don't know what happened, but everybody went to bed pretty early.
( ̄Д ̄)y━ ~~~~yaaawn
Well, there's nothing wrong with a quiet evening.

Goku: Good morning! And, I'm waiting for breakfast!
I slept a bunch, recovered a bunch, and now I'm gonna eat a bunch. (=`・ω・´)=O=O fsh!fsh!
That's weird, Sanzo's still asleep.

Gojyo: Maybe I should have said something sooner, but what does it say about us that we're four dudes and half of us tweet with emoticons?

Hakkai: I've just started to think of Sanzo using emoticons as normal. ...Desensitization is a frightening thing.

Hakkai: When we stop at dining establishments, occasionally an employee will comment on how much we eat. They'll ask if we're traveling, and, very rarely, what line of employment we're in. Sanzo's gotten tired of trying to figure out what to tell them, so he says, "...We're civil servants." I'm wondering if that's the best way to deal with it.

Sanzo: ...Technically, it's not wrong.

Goku: Tonight's dessert.

Goku: We were fighting in the forest today, and I jumped into a bush and got these prickly seeds? leaves? prickly things stuck all over me. I couldn't get them off, it was awful. I've always really hated that.

Hakkai: Oh, you mean burs. Not to belittle your experience, Goku, but they were all over Sanzo's robes and hair, too. He looked like Dankan.
...Oh, I mean the Dankan kaiju in Ultraman Seven, not the comedian.

Gojyo: I just searched Dankan kaiju images and cracked up, lolololol. That's what Sanzo-sama looked like today! lolololololol

Hakkai: ...Oh! I'm sorry, I was mistaken. It's not "Ultraman Seven," it's "Ultra Seven"!

Sanzo: ...Nobody cares.

Hakkai: I have news, everyone! Dankan is a happou [foaming] kaiju! It's not the right kanji, but it's very fitting of Sanzo! Happou [firing a gun]!

Sanzo: ...I do not understand what gets you excited. Not even a little.

Sanzo: It's morning. If you want to get up, get up. If you want to sleep, sleep.
"Body and Mind as One" ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Hakkai: ...Apparently reception is very bad in this area. We should be out of the mountains in a few days, so we'll see you again then.
We'll be camping out for a while, so we should have stocked up on food, shouldn't we, Goku?

Goku: Found a cat.

Gojyo: ...Hey, monkey. You realize that after Hakkai's tweet, it sounds like you're going to eat the cat, right?

Goku: Huh? I think I have a bar.

Hakkai: Oh, you're right. We're back, everyone. As I said the other day, we're currently in a mountainous region, so we can't tweet. Please be patient until we arrive somewhere with a more stable connection.

Hakkai: Now, everyone, let's each give a report on our current status. This morning, I dreamed I was happily sleeping in a bed.

Sanzo: A mosquito was bugging me, so I smashed it with a cockroach. That is all.

Gojyo: A mosquito started buzzing around me, and suddenly Sanzo smashed it in my face.
Hakkai said, "We're out of Seirogan," and started mixing together some mysterious grasses to make his own.
During the night, Goku kicked me 9 times and wouldn't quit saying "I'm hungry" in his sleep.
I really hate camping. I wanna go home.

Goku: (๑º ロ º๑)I'm hungry!! (๑º ロ º๑)I'm hungry!! (๑º ロ º๑)I'm really really hungry!!
And Gojyo's feet are even stinkier.

Hakkai: As you can see, we're all alive and well, so you have nothing to worry about. We'll see you again in a few days.
There are a lot of mosquitoes in this area, so I should have been carrying some kinkan [for bug bite relief]. ...I wonder what it's made of.

Sanzo: Don't even think about making any.

Sharaku: Oh, so this is Twitter. I see, so I can write whatever I want here. Well then...I know. Let me explain what to do if you happen upon a Himalayan bear during the course of your daily activities. One time, I was out in the mountains alone, and I used a large tree to hit the bear in the back of the neck repeatedly... What is it, Hassan? Don't interrupt me. ..So I used the tree to [She ran out of characters.]

Goku: ...An inn! We made it! Now we get a little break. ~~旦_(´▽`*) picture

Hakkai: The only room available was for three people, so we're short one teacup, and, of course, one bed, but I'm grateful just to have a roof over our heads. Still, tonight is going to be war.

Gojyo: ~~~Yo, what's with all the, "Oh okay, so Gojyo will be on the floor," replies? We're gonna fight it out fair and square!

Hakkai: I think it might be because you're always going off about how you're so good on the floor. [In some Japanese contexts, the word for "floor" can mean "bed"]

Sanzo: We know you're tired, Hakkai, so stop tweeting crude content with that serious look on your face.

Gojyo: My stubble's gotten so thick I can't use the electric razor on it. I used the inn's razor, but it wasn't very good, so nicked myself. When I warned everyone else about it:
Hakkai: "I don't get much body hair."
Sanzo: "High priests don't grow beards."
Goku: "I wish I had a beard."
...What are you guys, agency NG or something? [NG means "no good." We're not sure if he's saying they're talent agency rejects, or their agency would reject him or what. Google is entirely unhelpful.]

Goku: My stomach is full and I am happy. Now it's time to go to bed! |・ω・*)ノシ < good night!
By the way, when the battle ended, Gojyo won a bed through force of will, but when Sanzo ended up on the floor, he pulled all Gojyo's blankets off.

Hakkai: We have a lot to tweet about after our absence, but now we'd all like to sleep like the dead. Good night, everyone. A bed is such a wonderful thing.

Sanzo: If anyone is clueless enough to attack us tonight, they'll wish that we had stopped at tearing them to pieces. Keep that in mind, assassins.

Gojyo: I'm cold.

Goku: Everybody slept in

Hakkai: ...I'm sorry...orz
But there's one thing I must ask.
Who pulverized the alarm clock?

Sanzo: I have so many eye boogers I can barely open my eyes.

Gojyo: I'm cold.

Gojyo: Since everybody slept in, we gave up on traveling today. So we ate lunch, lounged around, ate snacks while playing some board games, and then had dinner. It was a wonderful day.
How'd ya like that?

Sanzo: Sounds like what you did before this stupid journey. By the way, after this nightcap, I'm going to bed.

Goku: We're going to get serious tomorrow.

Hakkai: ...The more we say that, the less likely it seems to happen, so let's not. May I open another bottle?

Goku: If there's an emergency, none of us can drive, so we're counting on you, Hakkai. (・∀・)ノ

Hakkai: The walls in this room are white, so would you two make sure to smoke by the window? This room is supposed to be non-smoking.

Sanzo: In our super peaceful interaction with the propietor, we got special permission to smoke.

Goku: "Interaction" means they solved the problem with money. (o゚▽゚)o

Gojyo: ...Then couldn't we have done something about my bed with that money?

Hakkai: Good morning, everyone. After a full day of rest yesterday, we have recovered from our long camping stint, so we would like to cheerfully get back to our journey. The weather is going to be threatening for a while, but let's not let it get our spirits down.
Approximately two of our party are still in bed with hangovers, so it's all up to you, Goku.

Goku: Roger!
(`・ω・´)ゞ salute

Sanzo: ...Hey, darn kappa. Stop making those noises back there. You're making me want to puke, too. Drop dead.

Gojyo: Shut up. You have a hangover, too, King of the Debtors.

Hakkai: Allow me to explain. While we were playing the Game of Life at the inn yesterday, not only did Sanzo have a ton of kids, but he lost in the stock market and incurred enormous debts, making his life a spectacular failure, so his temporary nicknames are Big Daddy and King of the Debtors.
I became a world-famous fashion designer.

Goku: Hakkai, eyes on the road!

Goku: It's been a long time since we've stayed in double rooms. We did black-and-white, and I'm with Hakkai.
ヾ(・∀・*)< how's it goin', neighbor?

Gojyo: Big Daddy jacked my 100yen lighter and then used it all up. Who does that? Pay me back, King of the Debtors.

Sanzo: Stop whining over a measly 100 yen. And if you call me that tomorrow, I'm tearing out your antennae.

Hakkai: Well, I'm just relieved that Gojyo and Daddy-san have stopped vomiting. See you tomorrow, everyone.

Sanzo: Don't make nicknames of my nicknames!

Goku: Goodnight, Your Majesty. (*゚▽゚*)

Gojyo: Hey you, reading this tweet right now. You're still awake? Me? I thought I'd enjoy a night on the town while I was out buying a new lighter. I just got back to the inn.
But both doors are locked from the inside, so I'm just feeling a little despair.

Gojyo: Wow, I didn't think so many girls would invite me to stay with them! You better be careful, or I might really attack you. But thanks.
Now what am I gonna do until morning?

Gojyo: Whoever said "break the window," you're awesome. lololol
I don't know what Hakkai'd do to me if I tried that. lolololololol
I'm scared.

Gojyo: Okay, okay! Just go to sleep! Get some sleep for me, too. lololololol
Staying up late is bad for your skin.

So that was probably really long, but there it is. If it's a problem to have big chunks like this, let us know so we can make them more bite-sized...y'know, assuming we get another chance to translate big chunks of it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, getting some paperwork taken care of, Sanzo nicknames, getting to watch some of our favorite Sailor Moon episodes last night, and our new books arriving today.
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    Oh my goodness, there's been lots of good news today. There's going to be a free update for Pokemon Snap, first of all! Eeeee! I'm so excited!…

  • Another busy Saturday

    Oh man, what a day. We had a ward activity tonight, so we knew we wouldn't have much time to goof off. We got our usual Saturday stuff done and had…

  • Happy Independence Day!

    It once again sounds like a warzone outside, with all the fireworks going off. I'm glad people are enjoying the day, but I do hope they're…