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Well, we saw twice as much interest in a Saiyuki Twitter feed translation as we'd hoped for, and almost infinitely more interest than we expected! That being the case, without further ado, have some more Saiyuki Twitter!

Hakkai: It was Gojyo's turn to do the "good morning" tweet, but sure enough, he blew it off. [Hakkai used a vulgar verb suffix, but conjugated it politely.] It's another lovely day for us. Everyone, make sure to eat lunch to be ready for your afternoon activities.

Gojyo: I had the runs this morning. Tweeting was the last thing on my mind.

Sanzo: Can't you do anything but hog the toilet, crappy kappa. \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/

Gojyo: San-chan, you're not allowed to use this->\(^o^)/ anymore.

Sanzo: poooout━(´・ω・`)━

Gojyo: Hey, Goku! Stop teaching Sanzo weird emoticons!

Gojyo: Hakkai's all, "Just take a Seirogan and you'll be fine!" How can he have such blind faith in Seirogan? And why does he always say "bugle logo" with this serious look on his face when he gives me one?

Sanzo: You people are still awake? Go to sleep. I'm only up to pee.

Gojyo: The elderly do have to pee a lot. Poor guy.

Sanzo: Never wake up again, runny kappa.

Goku: Good morning! Time for breakfast. You guys all make sure to eat, too. (=`・ω・´)∩

Hakkai: Sanzo, Gojyo, Goku. I saw your late night tweets, and I must say, you need to cut back on the crude content. Most of our followers are women; be considerate.

Gojyo: poooout━(´・ω・`)━

Sanzo: poooout━(´・ω・`)━

Hakkai: No "poooout━(´・ω・`)━"s.

Goku: Sanzo, use that one you liked yesterday!

Sanzo: This one? ( メ ̄っ ̄) hrrm

Gojyo: Like idiot father, like idiot son.

Hakkai: ...Why is it that everyone stopped tweeting the second I warned them to cut back on crude content?

Goku: Well, goodnight everybody. *・ω・)ノ" Gojyo's legs are in the way. I'm gonna pluck his leg hair.

Sanzo: Get up. It's morning. If you have the day off, go to sleep. That is all. "Exchange of Greetings" ( ̄人 ̄)ding

Goku: That storm today was really something. Driving through the squall, I kind of know what it's like to be the laundry in a washing machine. I couldn't keep my eyes open through that. How was Hakkai driving?

Hakkai: Haha, I couldn't keep my eyes open, either.

Goku: What?

Gojyo: What?

Sanzo: ...Oy.

Hakkai: Good morning. Everyone had chills last night after driving through that storm, so we all went to bed early. Fortunately, no one seems to have caught a cold, so that's a relief. Gentlemen, I know it's a pain, but please be careful to make sure we don't have four grown men wandering around in their underwear while the clothes are drying.

Gojyo: ...Uh, my nose won't stop running.

Hakkai: Have a Seirogan. \it has a bugle logo/

Goku: Found a squirrel.

Gojyo: I was going to say, "Don't eat it, monkey," but somebody beat me to it.

Gojyo: Hakkai showed me pictures from the beginning of our journey, and man has Sanzo gotten old in two years! I guess you don't notice when you're with him all the time.

Sanzo: Anyone would look older after all those brushes with death and having to spend 24/7 looking at your faces. Have some sympathy.

Hakkai: I do. (looks at top of head)

Goku: I do, too. ┃phone pole┃*゚ー゚) staaare recedinghairline

Gojyo: 'Sup, this is Gojyo. Today's fortune: Sagittarius. Lucky color: Red. You will find fortune in revering, respecting, and worshiping something red. Lucky item: Indian elephant.

Hakkai: Is that supposed to be a good morning tweet, Gojyo? It's the middle of the day.

Goku: Sanzo, how's this for an Indian elephant?

Sanzo: ...There you go, dang kappa. Now I just need to cover the rest of you in red, and this Sagittarius will find fortune, right? Dang kappa.

Gojyo: ...San-sama, you're a stickler about the weirdest things.

Goku: We got a lot of replies saying, "I can't wait to hear from Jeep-chan!" So I tried putting my smartphone in front of him, and he started typing with his mouth, but while we watched in horror, Hakkai said, "Wow, I'm so impressed, Jeep!" and took the phone from him, smiling the whole time. So we got scared again.

Sanzo: ...Does Jeep know something that Hakkai doesn't want tweeted?

Oh man, I think this might take forever, because we just don't have all day to spend on this. Anyway, that's what we have for now. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the water being back on, finishing the first draft of the Harlequin manga we're working on, figuring out (maybe) the secret of getting lots of gummis from the raid boss in Kingdom Hearts [chi], grape juice, and getting to sleep in this morning.
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