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Further babysitting adventures

Oh man, yesterday was adventurous, and we are tired. We had been wanting to go to Downtown Disney for a while, so we did, but we forgot that babysitting actually is physically exhausting as well as emotionally exhausting, so maybe it wasn't the best of ideas to spend so much time on our feet before the children arrived. Even more sad, one of our missions at Downtown Disney was to go to the World of Disney Store and ask a cast member if they knew anything about the It's A Small World dolls, but when we got there, we noticed they'd done some redecorating, and we got so distracted looking at everything that we forgot. And we didn't even really like the new decorations.

Anyway, since the children would be at our place in the evening, we realized they would need to be "fed," so the plan was to order a pizza. The plan went awry for two reasons. First, the baby boy is allergic to milk. We asked his mother if he would be okay eating cheese, and she said it would be fine because he only has problems when he eats a lot of dairy, and he hadn't had any in a while. So that turned out to be okay after all, and anyway we ordered breadsticks just in case. (He ate three and a half, and showed no interest in the pizza.)

The other problem was that, after I ordered the pizza but before it arrived, a neighbor came by selling cheesecake. We don't really like cheesecake, but he said it was Mexican cheesecake in a tone of voice that indicated it was a different thing, so I figured I might as well try it. Especially because the little girl was ever so helpful and raced out the door with me to talk to the salesman, and supplied her opinion of, "I love cheesecake!" Anyway, I bought a cheesecake, and it really was a different thing and didn't have the cheesy tang that makes us dislike cheesecake. In fact, it tasted more like an egg thing, but that was kind of bad for me, because sometimes I have a weird psychological thing against eggs. Like, "Ew, this is an egg? I don't know if I can eat it." for no real reason at all.

But the point is, I should have made the little girl wait until after dinner to eat the cheesecake, but I was foolish and did not. She ate some of it, declared herself full, and proceeded to show very little interest in food for the rest of the night: She was very excited to eat a breadstick, until she took a bite and put it down never to be touched again. She saw an empty fruit snacks box and wanted a packet of fruit snacks, which she didn't finish. She tried pretty hard to get me to butter a slice of bread for her (I offered her pizza instead, and of course she refused, despite having told us earlier that she loves pizza). Finally...

Okay, this one takes explaining. We sometimes get ants. We also have a Brita pitcher to filter our water, but we can't stand it when our water is too cold, so we can't leave it in the refrigerator all the time. So, in order to keep the ants from getting in the pitcher when they're invading and we don't want to freeze our insides, we have a ring of cornmeal on the counter where we keep the pitcher, because ants apparently don't like cornmeal. The little girl found it and for some reason did not think it was a bad idea to randomly taste mysterious powders off the counter (could be powdered sugar that hasn't been wiped up, could be bug poison). ...We probably should have warned her against that kind of behavior. Instead, when she made a move to try it, I said, "I don't think you'll like that." She tried it anyway and declared, "I love it!"

At that point, we were like, "Okay, stop eating it off the counter, and we'll get you some." So I put about a tablespoon of cornmeal in a bowl for her, and she suggested she would love it even more with some water, and we were like, "Okay, whatever you say." Soon she was forced to confess that she didn't really like it after all.

On the bright side, Athena and I got to eat the whole pizza, and it was a Cheesy Bites pizza, our favorite!

There were some other cute things that happened, that maybe I shouldn't be so amused by. We were playing pirates, and she was Captain Hook who was going to take a nap. She wanted a lullaby. So I started singing a Primary song, and she vigorously shook her head to indicate that that was not a good lullaby. I tried another one, same reaction. Then she informed me that Captain Hook is evil and likes evil songs. She taught me the lullaby I was supposed to sing, which went like this, "Arrr! Arrr! I hate people! I hate people!" Misanthrope that I am, I thought, "This is a song I can get behind." She informed me it was a long song, so I kept making up lyrics. Soon she commanded me to stop, so I guess she's a good kid deep down, unable to bear listening to my complaints about mankind after all.

Today I'm thankful for being done babysitting, getting another Cheesy Bites pizza, having plans in the works to go see Logan for his birthday maybe, Barney as a reasonably effective baby distractor, and having ice cream to look forward to later.
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