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We're babysitting tonight, and so have precious little time to do the things we want to do. That being the case, this entry will be short. The main thing is that I wanted to ask...

So we were reading the Saiyuki Twitter feed this morning, and we asked ourselves, "Should we be translating this so our friends can read it?" But then we weren't sure if any of our friends were interested enough in Saiyuki these days that the effort would be worth it. So the very important question is this: if we were to translate the Saiyuki Twitter feed, would anybody be interested in reading it?

Of course, they're going to take the account down at some point in the unspecified future, so the question might turn out to be moot, because it might all disappear before we can get to it. But in case it does not, raise of hands of interested parties?

To give you an idea of what it's like, here's a translation of the first some-odd tweets.

Hakkai: This is Hakkai, PR director of Sanzo Ikko [we never did find out how that got translated for the official English version...]. Up until Saiyuki Reload Blast vol.2 is released on July 25, 2014, the Saiyuki cast will be using this account to tweet about our lives. We're all a bunch of lazy slobs, but we hope you'll join us.

Goku: Lunchtime, nau! [picture of food; we may or may not try to include those, but there aren't that many] ["nau" or "nao" is a Japanese Twitter thing, meaning "now"]

Goku: There's smoke everywhere. [picture of the top of Sanzo's head, with cigarette smoke]

Sanzo: Is this where I type?

Sanzo: How's that?

Gojyo: Wait a minute, Sanzo-sama has no idea how to use Twitter, and his typos are scary. [the Japanese word for "type" is "uchikomu." Sanzo didn't bother to make sure his phone gave him the right kanji, so he used the "utsu" kanji that means "shoot," as in "shoot a gun."]

Hakkai: ...I'm going to spend the evening teaching him, so please be patient, everyone.

Goku: \(^o^)/

Hakkai: Good morning. It's a bright sunny day where we are. What about where all of you live? For those of you with work today, don't push yourselves, and for those of you who have the day off, enjoy your day fully and have no regrets.

Sanzo: I'm dang sleepy. \(^o^)/ [swearing has been edited because we don't like swearing on our blog]

Gojyo: !!?

Hakkai: Sanzo, just because you learned a new kaomoji doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to use it.

Goku: (๑º ロ º๑) I'm hungry!

Goku: Hakkai said, "I have a lot of tiny moles," and showed me his arms. I don't have any moles, so I'm kind of jealous. But I might have some in the places I can't see. Come to think of it, Sanzo has a mole on his left arm and the left side of his back. Gojyo's feet stink.

Gojyo: ...Hey. Dangit, monkey.

...And hey, whoever started that hashtag at lightspeed, show yourself. Come on. #stinkyfeetkappa

Hakkai: Gojyo, please refrain from getting so angry that you forget to name yourself in your tweet. It's childish.

I think that's a decent sampling. We might have tried harder with the Japanese typo thing, but this is just for fun. Also, we don't think there's a lot of wordplay, but it's possible we just forgot about it. Anyway, now you can make an educated decision about whether or not to be interested. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the salted caramel pretzel ice cream we got at the store yesterday, getting to see the new My Little Pony merchandise at Build-A-Bear, getting to have Jamba Juice, getting to order a pizza for dinner, and having a ride to church tomorrow.
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