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Well, we've just discovered that Viz will now be releasing digital versions of Lagoon Engine. The odds of them not releasing those latest two volumes of DN Angel are getting smaller and smaller.

But since there's not a whole lot else to say about that, I guess I'll move on. We're back to My Little Monster today, and it's proving to be less scary than Noragami after all. We still only got halfway through our edit (those used to take no longer than a day!), but at least it's not looking like we'll need four days. Athena pointed out that the ratio of lines that need fixing is smaller than in Noragami, but there are so many more lines in general, that it still takes forever.

Hopefully the overall translation will turn out well for everyone--translators, letterers, editors, readers. Especially the letterer, though. Oh my goodness, the speech bubbles in this series are so small! We're trying our best to keep the dialogue short enough to fit, but since we're not actually putting the text in the bubbles, all we can do is guess. And of course, our translator stubbornness makes it so sometimes, we really don't want to sacrifice the nuance.

Incidentally, we're having a very difficult time believing that Robico was not influenced by Natsuki Takaya. When you read volume five, you'll totally understand. Or maybe you'll be like, "I don't see it. They must be hopped up on Pixie Stix." To which our response is, "I wish we had Pixie Stix." We're kind of low on snack food lately, so we may not be getting enough calories in our diet. At any rate, the point is, we're hungry. But that is not a good enough reason to order another Cheesy Bites Pizza. Mmmm, Cheesy Bites Pizza...

We decided we need to invest in some cocoa, and recipes that call for cocoa.

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on My Little Monster, having a good excuse to listen to our Fruits Basket soundtrack (not that we really need one, just that we tend to forget about it a lot, since we're not working on Fruits Basket these days), getting to watch My Little Pony, getting to practice our musical instruments yesterday, and finally getting to try that DS game that helps improve your Japanese.
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