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I think I mentioned last week that we were both feeling under the weather. Yesterday, it seemed like we'd be good to go this week, but then we woke up this morning and we were like, "Never mind. Can we have the weekend back?" And usually when you're sick it seems like a good idea to rest and let your body take care of it, but then it gets to a point where sometimes it seems like it might be a better idea to get back to work and kind of force normal homeostasis or something. But since yesterday was Sunday, it's really hard to tell if the relapse came from too much exertion or too much rest. Sundays are weird like that for us.

Anyway, we decided to take it easy today anyway, and if it doesn't work, then we'll be getting back to work tomorrow anyway. This volume of My Little Monster is extremely intimidating for some reason. When we were working on it last week, Athena wondered if Fruits Basket would have been the same difficulty level if we'd worked on it at our current translation level, meaning if we'd known what we know about Japanese now, and had the same opinions about translation, would Fruits Basket have been just as annoyingly difficult as My Little Monster.

For example, Tohru's speech pattern and her irregular teineigo (polite speech). When we first started on the series, it was like, "She uses polite speech, only sometimes apparently it's incorrect." In some places it's obviously incorrect, but not so much in others. These days, we'd want to reflect that in the translation somehow, and we'd try. We may eventually give up, but we'd try. At any rate, if we do ever get the chance to retranslate Fruits Basket, it would be a good idea to start by translating the Katsuya story, and how it leads into Tohru's speech pattern, and that way we might be able to come up with a good English equivalent.

Speaking of manga from our past, oh my goodness, Kazuya Minekura has been tweeting as Saiyuki characters and it's awesome. Apparently it's a promotional thing for the volume of Saiyuki Reload Blast that's coming out on Friday, and there's something about deleting tweets, or the account or something... Anyway, apparently it's only going to happen until the book's release date.

But anyway! this morning, there was a tweet from Goku, about how they heard a loud bang from outside, and they got all ready to fight...but then they saw the fireworks out the window. It was especially funny to us, because we had a very similar experience last night. We kept hearing loud bangs, and it wasn't time for the fireworks show at Disneyland yet, and there was one time Gaston was visiting and we heard a bang after the fireworks show, and he said, "That wasn't fireworks. That was gunfire." So we started to get a little worried. I very timidly looked out the window and saw a firework go off (not in the direction of Disneyland). It can be scary living in a place where fireworks are legal. Oh my goodness, on the Fourth of July, there were so many fireworks going off, there was a constant low rumbling for several hours. But then we knew it was fireworks, so it was more amusing than scary.

Today I'm thankful for taking it easy today, the loud bangs last night being from fireworks, Saiyuki Twitter (Goku posts pictures of the animals they see on the journey; and food, of course, if he remembers to take a picture before he eats it), having cookies to snack on, and living in a peaceful neighborhood.
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