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"But it does remind me...

...What a good Supremem Court justice Sean Connery would make."

I like the Colbert Report.

NetFlix is the bestest. We sent them a note with the Infinite Ryvius vol.4 that was masquerading as vol.5, and we didn't even have to put vol.5 back in our queue--they just sent it right to us. Of course, playing Final Fantasy VIII is causing Athena to be skeptical and be wary that we might get volume 6 this time. (For those of you who haven't heard of our brief Squaresoft Curse, the Final Fantasy VIII chapter involved a defective disc 3, which we sent back to the manufacturer only to be sent a brand new disc 4.)

Earlier today, we were looking at the Marine website. Marine is a company that produces drama CDs. They had a new voice actor interview posted, and we noticed none other than Morita-oniisan♥ in the cast, so we click on the picture. And there, sitting in the bottom righthand corner, was someone whose hair was a lot like Akira Ishida's, and he dressed like Ishida-san, and it was hard to tell because of the quality of the picture, but his face looked like Ishida-san's, but Ishida-san wasn't listed as part of the cast. Well, it was weird for us. It was almost as bad as when we clicked to see a picture of the cast of a series with Tomokazu Seki, and there in the picture was Toshihiko Seki, but no Tomokazu Seki.

So we were watching While You Were Out today, and it ended, and we usually turn it off right after, because we have no interest in Martha Stewart, whose show is on right after. But we got to the remote a little late today, and as we were fishing around for it, suddenly we hear Martha Stewart's voice saying, "Wingardium Leviosa!" And sure enough, she was having Daniel Radcliffe as a guest. And he's just so adorable we had to watch him. There were some times where he seemed to be very politely telling Ms. Stewart that she's a little crazy (like when she speculated that he must get hungry going around all over the place, and he responded that they do give him food).

They had a question and answer period where all the kids in the audience got to ask Daniel Radcliffe questions. One kid asked if it was scary filming the scary parts of the movie, and he said that usually it wasn't, except when he was doing the scene with Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, because apparently Ralph Fiennes is very scary, and his eyes would suck him in and make him forget the cast and crew were there. I was just amused to find out that Ralph Fiennes is so scary. He also said he thinks it would be cool to be able to do the reductor curse, because it blows stuff up. I love how British people talk.

And tonight I'm thankful for British accents, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, heartmarks, getting home in time for Smallville (though I'm still wondering how Lex could be leaning on a slanted, frictionless surface), and Michael Rosenbaum as Seifer Almasy (in my head).
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