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I was thinking of not writing a post today, because I really don't know what to write about, but it turns out we have half an hour to kill, so...let's see if I can figure something out.

As I was typing that last bit, a beetle came buzzing up to our window. I remember growing up in Glendale, we'd always get June bugs, those little brown guys. They were still bigger than most of the bugs we saw around, so they were kind of scary until we got used to them, but they seemed friendly enough. I think we got a few in Fresno, but not nearly as many. Or maybe we didn't notice them as much because we never went outside.

Anyway, here we get bigger beetles. I want to say they're gigantic, but intellectually, I know there are probably much bigger beetles out there. The ones we get here are only about as big as the top of your thumb--from the knuckle to the tip. Probably a little smaller than that, even. But when they're flying at your face, they seem a lot bigger. They have shiny blue-green shells that are really pretty, so when I first saw them outside and realized they weren't bumblebees, I really liked them. Then they started coming inside, and I liked them less. I mean, it's freaky enough to turn around and suddenly see (what looks like) a giant beetle creeping around the floor, but to have that creepy crawler suddenly start flying right at you in an enclosed space? It's scary. Not really in an "Oh no, I'm gonna die!" kind of way, but in a, "I don't want to get hit in the face by a germ-ridden bug and then accidentally squish it and have to clean up bug guts off myself," kind of way.

Today I'm thankful for pretty beetles (from a distance), Page being so cute and following us around today, Ghirardelli's minis still being on sale at the grocery store, getting caught up on our anime, and having a lovely conversation with Celeste this morning.
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