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We're at a good place to take a break in work, and we're both feeling a little under the weather, so we decided to call it a day early today. But our Polar Bear's Cafe CD is still going and it's about twenty minutes to Lux Up Time in Kingdom Hearts [chi], so we're taking advantage of that to update LiveJournal early. Tadah!

So yesterday, I said something about My Little Monster and practical translations. Let me see if I can find the reference...

Oh. Hm. So I thought it would be okay to talk about it, because...well, you might remember I didn't talk about it before, because it was in volume three and might be a little spoilerish. At Anime Expo, Kodansha was selling advance copies of volume three, so I kind of assumed that it would be going on sale the next Tuesday. Well, you know what they say about assuming. Volume three doesn't actually come out for about two weeks. I guess I'll have to go into the practical translation thing later.

Now I don't know what to talk about. Here's a random fun thought. For deadlines' and efficiency's sake, we're going to take a break from My Little Monster and translate the volume of Harlequin manga that we've been asked to do. We decided it would be totally appropriate to listen to our Polar Bear's Cafe song CD with all the ending themes on it while we work, because they're all love songs! Okay, so maybe not all love songs--I'm pretty sure Llamambo isn't a love song, unless maybe it's a song about llama's love for his heritage? But there's Handa's love song, and Mei-Mei's love song, and Penguin's love song, and Rin-Rin's love song (Pandaholic! aaahh ha ha ha!), and Panda's love song (to bamboo!). I'm excited to listen to it tonight!

Today I'm thankful for having room in our schedule to take a little break, having time to listen to our Polar Bear's Cafe song CD, also having time to watch Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, finishing the K anime last night, and the Kingdom Hearts [chi] one-year anniversary event.
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