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I was all ready to update LiveJournal about the fun stuff that's happened in the last day, and then our apartment manager came and told us we had some serious paperwork problems that needed taking care of right away. So now I've been dealing with that for the last hour or so, and all the fun feelings from fun stuff have been sucked away. Boo.

Let's see if I can refocus my energy enough to be happy about happy things again. See, this morning we decided to sleep in, because all the pushing ourselves and overworking that happened with Anime Expo is starting to catch up with us. And so, this morning we were awakened by a knock at the door. Our CD Japan order had finally arrived!

So we decided to listen to our shiny new Polar Bear's Cafe soundtrack while we worked on My Little Monster today. The sounds of "Boku ni Invitation" made us ridiculously happy, and the good feelings continued throughout our workday.

And yesterday, we watched Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun. We had heard about it weeks ago, because we read about it on one of our favorite voice actor's blogs, but we didn't know it had started, because the new anime season started while we were at AX! Aaaahh! Fortunately, a friend mentioned it on Facebook, and yesterday we had time to watch it.

So Mamoru Miyano mentioned this anime on his blog, saying he was going to play the hero of the in-anime manga. But more importantly, the gruff-looking shojo manga artist is played by Yuuichi Nakamura. We got so much amusement out of this, because it fit so perfectly with a story we read via Yuuki Kaji's Twitter. Kaji-kun talked about how Nakamura-san's birthday was coming up, and he wanted to take him out for strawberry ice cream. Why? Because Nakamura-san looks like a hitman, but he's the nicest hitman you'll ever meet. So to go along with that image of him, Kaji-kun wanted to get a picture of him eating the cutest ice cream he could think of. Unfortunately, when the day came, the place they went to didn't have strawberry ice cream, so we all had to settle for a picture of a hitman eating lemon ice cream instead.

After that, we wanted to watch Sailor Moon and K, but Hulu wasn't working on our Wii, boo. So we tried and tried with no success, so we watched an episode of My Little Pony on Netflix, in the hopes that time would solve our Hulu problem. It did not, so then we spent like an hour or two setting up the Wii U. By the time we were done, it was bedtime, but on the bright side, hey, our Wii U is finally set up! And now that we're done with all the apartment stuff, we can go watch TV with it.

Today I'm thankful for being done with all that stuff for today, having our very shiny Polar Bear's Cafe CDs, seiyuu ice cream stories, having our Wii U all set up, and our window screen being fixed.
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