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We accidentally set a trap for ourselves this morning. We needed something from an editor, so we sent an email and, to make it more of a happy email than a "we need this thing from you" email, we said that we were on track to finish Noragami today. But, knowing that Noragami is full of surprises as far as time consumption, and also knowing that it's better to overestimate how long it will take to do something (because if you're wrong, people are happy to get it early), we added in parentheses that if things went really slowly, we might not get it in until tomorrow. We sent the email and got to work.

One KamiAso playlist later, we checked our email and had a response. Our editor, probably trying to be helpful and not stress us out by rushing us, said that tomorrow would be fine and there was no rush. But, because we tend to be overeager to do a good job on Noragami anyway, and it's really tricky, those two facts make us a little bit paranoid about whether or not we're succeeding in doing a good job. So when we're told "no rush," instead of thinking, "Oh good, we can slow down," we think, "Oh no, we're going too fast! It's all wrong! We need to fix it! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!"

So we were a little extra careful when finishing up our final edit. But not too extra careful, because that leads to staring at lines of dialogue that are perfectly acceptable and wondering for hours (okay, probably not hours, but a really long time anyway) if there's any possible way to make it more natural, or funnier, or whatever. Still, even trying not to be too extra careful, those doubts still we briefly considered reading through the script a fourth time. Ultimately, we decided against it, mostly because the thought of doing it was so unappealing, but that's exactly why I still worried about it after we turned it in. Like, "Oh no! We didn't turn in a crappy script because we were too lazy to go over it one more time, did we?" And I think back on some of the lines, and I'm like, "No, I'm pretty sure the script was fine." But I still worry! Aaaaaahhh!

It really doesn't help that all the Noragami lingo makes things sound a little odd in some contexts anyway, and even though I'm pretty sure it's the kind of odd that's okay, I can't help but wonder...

Oh well. I think it's okay. Anyway, if it's not okay, I don't think it's a pervasive lack of okayness. Just a few exchanges. Stupid shinki names.

Anyway, now we're working on My Little Monster, which is also tricky, but in a way that seems like it will be much more manageable when we go back to edit it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another volume of Noragami, Page getting off the laptop just in time for us to play Kingdom Hearts [chi], more Sailor Moon today, not having any guilt help missions in Kingdom Hearts [chi] this week, and nice editors who don't want us to feel rushed.
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