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A few weeks ago, when everybody was talking about the church disciplinary stuff that was going on, someone made a comment that stayed on my mind for a while. The gist of it, as I interpreted it, is that women won't be able to do meaningful service in the LDS Church until they're ordained to the priesthood. I took issue with that idea, because I had devoted a good chunk of my weekend to practicing and playing the piano for baptisms and choir performances. I really didn't like the implication that all my practicing was devoid of meaning.

So I thought about it and thought about it, and it did occur to me that, if I were working hard to play the piano to "earn points" toward building a reputation that would eventually put me in a position of authority, then yeah, I guess my piano playing really would be meaningless, because it would never ever get me a calling as bishop or whatever. The train of thought went on, and I thought about how, if that were my strategy--earning points to climb the ladder--that's like...okay, it's a little hard to explain, but it seems like the idea is the positions of authority are higher up on the ladder. So in other words, giving the priesthood to women gives them the chance to climb that particular ladder. There's a problem there in that the ladder only exists as a kind of artificial concept, but more importantly to my point, there's still only room for a few people at the top of it. Extending the priesthood to women just means there's a bigger pool of people who get to be pulled out of the group and elevated, thus making them more special than everyone else. That doesn't seem like true equality to me, because you still have people higher up.

So I had this thought that what if true equality doesn't mean we all have a chance to be put in the driver's seat, but that we're all equally valuable in whatever we're doing? Like, what if we valued the pianist just as much as the bishopric counselor who's conducting the meeting? What if we gave the nursery leaders just as much respect as the stake president? What if we realized that a large organization requires a bunch of people to do a bunch of different things in order to run smoothly, and that it makes it easier if you don't have everyone in the orchestra vying to be the concertmaster?

Was that too preachy? I don't know, I just get indignant when people tell me something I think is significant is actually completely superfluous. Especially when I'm pretty sure those people are wrong. (If I'm worried that those people are right, I usually get depressed instead.)

Anyway, the happy conclusion to this rant is that today when I got to Primary to play the piano, I looked at the spot where the chorister usually puts the list of songs for the week. She wasn't here today, so there was no list, but instead, I saw the cutest little note written in crayon that said "Thank you Sister Nibley." It was on a folded piece of paper, and when I opened it up, there was a heart, and more to the message, "Thank you for play[ing] for us." It was one of the most adorable things ever, and it was a nice confirmation to me that any service is meaningful.

Today I'm thankful for super cute notes written in crayon, getting cupcakes from Relief Society, getting to watch more K last night, realizing that the stage actor whose blog we've been following (because he was Tenma in the Haruka plays) has been advertising that he's in the K stage show for weeks now (this K thing has been right in front of us all along! all it took to get us to notice it was Morita-oniisan♥ coming to LA twice in a row), and having chocolate.
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