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Life is so much better when your chores are done. We still have to get our laundry from the drier, but other than that, no more chores for today! Woohoo!

In other news, we realized that the movie Masakazu Morita will be promoting next week was the sequel to a series, so we started to watch it! It's probably one of the least Googlable series in existence! Okay, so actually probably not, because you can add other keywords, but with a title like K, it's going to take at least a little bit of Google Fu. Fortunately, because it's the only letter in the title, it's the first series that comes up when you search for it on Hulu, and so we were able to find it without too much difficulty.

The series itself took a little bit of getting into, because while the first episode has a definite, "What the heck is going on?" factor, not a lot actually happens. I mean, stuff happens, but you have no idea why or what the point of any of it is. It's kind of like Durarara!! like that.

But more importantly for the two of us in particular, most of the characters' names have some relation to Japanese mythology, so it would be neat to see how those Japanese-mythology-related names would affect their character development...if we knew anything about Japanese mythology other than names. But we're learning! thanks to Noragami. So when one character dressed up as Ebisu for...a play I guess? (we had the subtitles off, and part of getting into a series involves getting familiar enough with the series' particular brand of Japanese), we knew exactly who that was!

Most significantly, a character who seems to be the second main character (it's hard to tell with this series; there's like a million characters) has the surname Yatogami. What. We tried looking him up on Wikipedia before and found nothing! Well, we didn't try hard enough, but now! thanks to Kurou Yatogami (who bears a striking resemblance to Kuromaru from UQ Holder!; I wonder if the latter is an homage), we know all the right kanji to use (Noragami's Yato just uses katakana for "to"), and we were finally able to get some information. Unfortunately, the Japanese Wikipedia article has a ton of kanji that we didn't know, including something about a record with the name Hitachi, as in Hitachiin, and now we suspect most of the Ouran High School Host Club characters have mythology-related names, too, since there's another character in K named Suou. And Ootori we already know is a kind of phoenix or something.

Anyway, the English Wikipedia article on yato-no-kami says they're snake deities with horns, and if you see one, you and your whole family will be destroyed. The Japanese article has one or two stories about the yato-no-kami being exterminated, and people setting up boundaries to keep them out, and it's really very fascinating to see how it all comes into play in Noragami. The very interesting thing is that one of those exterminators' names starts with the same kanji that is Kazuma's shinki kanji. And of course, this doesn't make sense to anyone who hasn't seen or read Noragami (oh my goodness, we were looking at the Wikipedia article on Ebisu, and it was totally giving away Noragami spoilers for stuff that didn't happen in the anime! grrr!), so I'll stop rambling now.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a shiny new anime, that anime helping with Noragami reference, being almost done with all our chores, catching typos, and knowing that our CD Japan package is in the United States.
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