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I think the biggest Noragami challenge today was just working on it. Maybe it's the heat, but motivation was very low. It might also have had something to do with splitting our work time between two different projects. I don't know. We didn't get a lot of work done on it today, but hopefully we'll finish it tomorrow! Or at least finish our second draft, because there definitely has to be a third.

In other news, apparently Masakazu Morita is coming back to Los Angeles for a K: Missing Kings event. What! You were just here! ...Is kind of our reaction. I mean, usually it would be good news, like, "Yay, more Morita-san!" But as we've mentioned before, Los Angeles isn't exactly close. I mean, it's a lot closer than other places, but you know what I mean. So now we're torn between trying to figure out a way to get there and deciding not to care. I guess we'll just see what comes up in conversation when we're, like, with people and stuff.

Aaand I've been thinking about punctuation and word choices. I mean, we're always thinking about punctuation and word choices--it's our job--but, like, in real life this time. There was a big argument on our Facebook feed the other day because someone said something, and people were all, "Hey, don't be so judgmental!" and the first person was like, "I wasn't! I was just asking a question! Why are you judging me!" Well, we could tell that person exactly why people were assuming that person was being judgmental, and I wanted to do it here on LJ, but since I'm too cowardly to do it to that person's face, it's not really fair for me to single them out over here. So I can't use that as an example.

But I can use another example which is even more relevant (slightly) now because it's the time of the month to translate...Harlequin Manga! So there we were on Facebook again (several weeks ago), and a friend started chatting with us. She asked us about work or something, and somehow it came up that we've been translating manga based on Harlequin novels. She replied, "That's...interesting." It was a little surprising to us, because this particular friend is extremely non-confrontational, so the fact that she put that ellipsis in there was very odd. I mean, obviously the ellipsis indicates something like trying to think of a better word. If it was just a "smile and nod" sort of "that's interesting," then there wouldn't have been an ellipsis. But with an ellipsis, it's practically asking for a confrontation--namely, me asking about the ellipsis.

And that's exactly what I did. I said, "I sense some meaning behind that ellipsis." I seem to remember Athena and me discussing, while we waited for her response, "Did she think we wouldn't notice the ellipsis?" On the other hand, it's possible that she did want to bring up her objections to Harlequin, but in a non-confrontational way, and so prompted us to do the confronting first. Or maybe the ellipsis was meant as a very non-verbal way of saying, "You know, you shouldn't get into that stuff," hence voicing her objection without being so audacious as to actually voice it.

Okay, to be honest, that conversation (when I looked it up on Facebook) went a lot differently than my memory led me to expect, so my essay on it turned into more of a stream of thought thing than a "so this is why you should think about your punctuation" thing, but hey, it's pretty interesting. To me, anyway, and on this journal, that's what matters.

Anyway, we had a civil conversation about the appropriateness of Harlequin, so the result wasn't too terrible. And since I totally lost track of where I was going with everything, I think it's better that I stop typing now.

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish editing that chapter of Noragami despite an extreme lack of motivation, having a pretty fun time at work regardless of motivation levels, not having to do chores today (even though it means doing more chores tomorrow), not being hit in the face with a giant beetle, and having a little time to do extra fun stuff.
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