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Sailor Moon Crystal

Today in Noragami challenges: identifying the dialect spoken by the people in wherever Yato and company are in these two chapters! It was Yamagata, so the next challenge was finding ways to make the dialogue sound Minnesota-y, without going over the top or doing it wrong. Did we succeed? We have no idea.

Anyway, there were a lot of mentions of Sailor Moon Crystal on our Facebook feed over the weekend, so it made us want to say stuff, too!

When we first heard about the new Sailor Moon anime, we were like, "Cool, new Sailor Moon." I don't know if that makes us cold and heartless or something. I mean, Sailor Moon did change our lives, and we owe pretty much our whole career to Sailor Moon. ...Well, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, and Anime Expo. But it started with Sailor Moon. And yet we were only interested in the new anime, not, like, super excited or anything.

Then people started getting news on what it was going to be like, and they were SO EXCITED that it was going to be like the manga. And we were like, "Um...okay." I guess we were being contrary, and it may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Kodansha failed to ask us to translate the manga. What is up with that? The upshot of that is, when we were consoling ourselves that we didn't get the manga assignment, we thought about it and decided, you know what? all the really cool plotlines and character developments were in the anime anyway, so who needs the manga? This is one of the few examples (in our opinion) of where the anime is better than the manga. And now everyone's so excited that there's finally going to be a Sailor Moon anime that matches the manga. And we're like, "Um...okay."

So we watched the show, and it didn't take long for us to say to each other, "This is going to have Stunning Visuals, isn't it?" It did. But fortunately, it seemed to focus on more than just that. In fact, it was pretty much exactly like the first chapter of the manga, if I'm remembering correctly. Like, exactly like the manga. Except they added that dream that Usagi was having.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with it being exactly like the manga. We did enjoy the manga when we read it. It was just kind of redundant, because we'd just watched that same episode a month ago when they started showing the original anime on Hulu. I think there was just something about the original anime that was more engaging. For Crystal, it was weird, because the story matched the manga almost exactly, including all the ridiculous things like Usagi warding off the bad guys by crying, and yet it seemed to be trying really, really hard to not be a comedy. It's kind of hard to explain.

My overall impression, based on the first episode, is that it's a great example of what happens when fans of something don't understand what makes that something awesome. So they're trying really hard to recreate this super awesome thing, but because they don't understand what makes it so great, they end up building an empty shell. But hey, it's just the first episode, so maybe that won't turn out to be the case. And hey, it is very pretty. I don't know what they were doing with Shingo's hair, though. Maybe they wanted Usagi and Shingo to look more alike.

As for us, we were pretty happy with the original Sailor Moon anime, so the main thing we want out of a remake is fun voice acting! We're always excited to hear new voice portrayals (except with the DN Angel anime, because Soichiro Hoshi was such a perfect Daisuke). (And the rest of this post will be full of casting spoilers, so if you don't want any of those, you might want to stop reading.)

So to be honest, we were a little disappointed that they cast Kotono Mitsuishi as Sailor Moon again. Don't get me wrong--we love her a lot. But it would have been nice to hear a new take on the character.

That being the case, we were especially eager to know what they were going to do about Tuxedo Mask. When we heard they'd cast Kenji Nojima...well, he doesn't play any of our favorite characters, except for Erts in The Candidate for Goddess, but that anime wasn't that great. But now he is one of our favorite characters, so let's see how he does! ...He sounds almost exactly like the original voice of Tuxedo Mask. You see what I'm getting at about trying to recreate the original? Come on guys, let's revisit Skip Beat! and see what they did with Dark Moon.

Still, we were excited to hear Daisuke Kishio as Jadeite. I'm eager to hear who all got cast as the other generals, but of course that will have to wait, because we hate casting spoilers. Of course, the way Anime News Network works, it might not wait that long. Blah.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, getting to also rewatch the original Sailor Moon anime, Google making it fairly easy to identify dialects, Noragami not totally melting our brains today, and our little Shadow plushie.
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