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Back to work!

Today started out being a day full of blah and hating the world. We finished our morning routine and were about to figure out how to deal with the blah and world hating, when there was a knock at the door! It was the FedEx guy, with a giant envelope full of manga! Yay! Our editor overnighted a bunch of books for us to translate! This was just what we needed, because work tends to be the best antidote for blahs, and distraction tends to be the best way to deal with world hating.

So today we worked on Noragami, and it was a lot of fun. We were also reminded of how old and out of touch we are, when we were trying to figure out (but not trying too hard, since it's just the first draft) the best slang term to use for "steal." Athena remembered an experience from her mechanical drawing class back in high school, when a classmate asked to borrow her eraser. He then took the eraser, broke it in half, and returned one of those halves. When she looked at him like, "How could you do that!?" he replied, "What? It's not like I jacked it." So we were thinking something like "jack" could work pretty well...if that experience had not been approximately fifteen years old. So once again we find ourselves asking, "What are the kids saying these days?" Too bad our sister had to quit teaching high school.

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of shiny manga today, getting to work on Noragami, Page spending plenty of time on her window perch today, having our rent paid, and not having to worry about being home to accept the package of manga when we want to be at Anime Expo.
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