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Last minute surprise

Apparently this has been the week of missing LJ posting time. Yesterday, we did a bunch of random stuff, like read more of Grandpa's book, and we were just getting ready to have a snack and update LiveJournal (not at the same time, of course; having food by the computer can only lead to disaster), when the phone rang. We both got up and headed to our phones. Athena spotted hers first and determined it was my phone ringing, so I found my phone and answered.

It was the missionaries! They said they didn't know if anybody had contacted me about it before, but they would be having a baptism in about half an hour, and could we handle the music. I had known about the baptism before, but there was another baptism scheduled for today. Someone did call and ask if I could play the piano for the second baptism, and since nothing was said about the first baptism, I naively thought maybe they'd asked someone else. Not that I have any problem with the idea of going to all the baptisms, just that there is a problem with transportation--if only they had a font in the building we can walk to.

Anyway, the point is, we got dressed in a hurry and then we went to the baptism, which was very lovely. When we got home, it was dinner time (and we were extra hungry because we missed our snack; although our ward is always very good at bringing refreshments to baptisms, people snatch them up pretty quickly). And then we got settled into Final Fantasy X, and that's why we didn't update LiveJournal.

As for today, like I said, there's another baptism tonight, and this one is preceded by a dinner party for investigators and new members. The idea sounds really cool, but then we remember that we don't eat anything, and suddenly we're less excited about it. I think it will be great for most of the attendees though, and there's usually good conversation either way.

A very small but mildly amusing anecdote from our ride home yesterday:
Riding with us in the car was a woman who is confined to a wheelchair, who told us she hadn't been in a car for ten years, until someone from our ward drove her to her own baptism. So, like us, she's not so familiar with all the stuff around town. On the way home, we passed by a Motel 6. She asked, "They still have Motel 6's?" We all were like, "Yup." "Do they still cost six dollars?" "Ha ha ha, no."

Today I'm thankful for Ghirardelli's sweet dark chocolate cookie bits minis, people being available to drive us all around (or at least to baptisms), getting to watch the end of Nobunaga the Fool, not needing to go to the store today, and our team winning six team battles during the team battle event in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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