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More choir adventures

Well, it's looking like just one more after-church rehearsal and the choir will be ready to perform! Too bad we're performing next week. But the tenor section is really working on it, and they're very earnest, so I think with just a little faith, they can do it!

After last week's sad choir practice, the two counselors in the bishopric decided that, even though they prefer to leave all the announcements to the printed program, they would make an exception and remind the choir members. It was kind of funny, because the counselor who made the announcement said, "We do have a ward choir." He added that some of the congregation had been called to be in it, so they should totally be there.

There...may or may not have been one or two people who don't usually come to practice, but! there was an unexpected bonus that came from that announcement. Another new development in our ward this week is that we just had a senior couple assigned as missionaries for our ward. The female half of that couple heard the announcement, and later she approached Athena and told her she would like to be in the choir, although she wouldn't be able to attend practice this week.

But the important thing! is that she sings alto! Yaaaaaay! And our other definite alto has been coming again, so now we have at least two altos! And! Athena tells me that even though one of the songs they sang in Relief Society today was one that nobody knows because it never gets sung (A Key Was Turned In Latter Days), the missionary sister was singing the alto part! So not only will the choir have a new alto, she will be one who is good at singing the alto part. Either that, or she sings that song a lot more frequently wherever she's from. But based on the fact that she actively sought out choir membership, we think it's probably the former. And the fact that we had a missionary assigned to our ward who sings alto is just another testimony to me that Lord answers our prayers.

Today I'm thankful for the promise of another strong alto, choir practice going pretty well (as soon as the Primary kids started paying attention, they really added a lot!), members of the ward with relatives who might be able to help us get to Anime Expo, getting our Blu-rays of Hercules and Tarzan super early (those aren't supposed to be released until August!), and finally making it to the end (or an end, at least) of The World Ends With You.
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