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Remember a long time ago when I mentioned "Morita-kun no Ichigo Isshou" (or Bro. Morita's Talking-Laughing, as it has now been officially translated)? It's that thing they have at the Bleach Fan website (I'm sure I've mentioned it before) where Masakazu Morita, who plays Ichigo, plays Morita-oniisan♥ (apparently not the same as Morita-san) and ... well, talks and laughs. I guess.

We hadn't watched it in a long time, because they had a bad habit of saying they were going to post a new one on one day, and then on that day posting an apology and a new deadline for the next episode. But lately, playing Final Fantasy VIII has been reminding me of its existence, because Morita-san was the motion model for Zell, and watching Zell made me want to see the real guy.

So today, we had some free time, and we headed over to the website, which has had a major renewal and is all sparkly and stuff. I like to summarize things, so here's a report!

And now! Bro.Morita's Talking-Laughing has been upgraded to Bro.Morita's Talking Laughing FIRE!. It's really cute, because apparently Morita-oniisan♥ has been learning English lately, and was very careful to pronounce the English "F" sound (where you put your teeth on your lips, as opposed to the Japanese, where you just blow), and to tell all the viewers that that's how you pronounce it. He also demonstrated the "TH" sound when they were talking about the new "Happy Birthday!" corner of the website. (By the way, Nov.9 is apparently not only Gojyo's birthday, but Ikkaku's as well.)

After he and his animated sidekick Rin explained everything about the new site, they went on to the real Bro.Morita's Talking Laughing FIRE!, where he had a special guest, Hiroki Yasumoto (voice of Chad), who sat next to him playing with Ichigo and Kon plushies while Rin tried to alert Morita-oniisan♥ to his presence. Yasumoto-san, by the way, is a very good-looking man. Mmm.

Anyway, they read a fan letter asking who was stronger--Ichigo or Chad. The two voice actors couldn't decide on their own, obviously, so they had a battle to see who was stronger. It was best seven out of thirteen. First, they played Zanpaku-Janken, where they had this adorable inflatable Zangetsu that the winner of janken had to try to hit the loser with. Then they had Zanpaku-Sakubun, where each of them had to write a poem using the characters in their characters' names. The judge was Tite Kubo, whom they couldn't show us, but they assured us over and over that he really was sitting there! Then they gave us a list of the matches they cut out, for time constraints, we guess. It included Zanpaku tiger hunting, Zanpaku staring contest, and Zanpaku bear wrestling.

The last contest was Zanpaku Sumo, and they were ready to get up and have a sumo match until Rin managed to direct their attention to the paper sumo ring set up on the table. And Morita-oniisan♥ won, and then Yasumoto-san blew the paper Ichigo off the ring, and Morita-oniisan♥'s like, "Hey! Don't do that!" and put the paper Chad back on the ring so he could blow it off. And I probably can't convey how amusing that was in writing.

And thus we spent forty-six minutes of our time, when I was only expecting to spend around twenty. It was very amusing though. And Morita-san really does move like Tidus and Zell. He's kind of looking like Jackie Chan these days. But you don't have to take my word for it! Eheh. Sorry; Reading Rainbow flashback. I'd definitely recommend following the link I posted earlier and watching it. We'd be happy to help with the Japanese.

And tonight, I'm thankful for Bro.Morita's Talking-Laughing FIRE!, Reading Rainbow, Square One, The Puzzle Place, and pre-Elmo's World Sesame Street.
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