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Well, today has been longer than usual because of laundry. But laundry doesn't give us much to talk about, so I guess since I brought it up yesterday, maybe I should talk a little more about our thoughts on women and the priesthood. I just don't like to, because there are so many different facets of the whole thing that it's really hard to decide where to begin.

But I guess I can try anyway. I think first of all, there's this thing about how it seems like women must be secondary to men in all things because they don't have the priesthood, or something like that. We think that's a bunch of nonsense. Athena says that to her, it's like...

Back when we were interning at TokyoPop, we were in the production division. Later, they hired a bunch more interns for the marketing division. The marketing interns often found themselves stuffing press packets, and when we'd walk by them in the course of our production intern duties (which mostly consisted of making copies and reading manga), we'd be completely unsympathetic, like, "Not my problem. That's the marketing interns' job."

In other words, different responsibilities for different people. And it's true that there are women out there who would like to have some of the responsibilities of the priesthood, and we don't know how to help with that. I mean, we do already have a lot of similar responsibilities--visiting teaching as opposed to home teachers, for example--but they're not exactly the same...

...and I think that might be part of my problem with the whole idea of ordaining women. I don't like being told that women have to do ABC (cooking, cleaning, laundry), and have to specifically not do XYZ (yard work, sports). But what I like even less is having people tell me I have to do XYZ to be worth anything as a human being. So this idea that I'm going to be a secondary species until I'm doing all exactly the same things the men are doing ticks me off more than a little.

So anyway, I don't know if women will ever be ordained to the priesthood, but as for me, I'm okay with things the way they are now, and here's a little analogy as to why. We have a video game for DS called Daigassou: Band Brothers, or Big Ensemble: Band Brothers. In it, you pick a song, and you pick an instrument, and you play that instrument's part for the song--like in a band or orchestra. One of our favorite pieces to play in that game is the theme to Fire Emblem. I'll play the strings and Athena will play the flute, and there's one part where the strings have the melody and they build up to a certain point...and then the flute takes the melody and builds it up even higher. I love sharing the melody like that; it gives me chills every time. It would still be pretty if one of the instruments kept the melody the whole time, but it wouldn't be nearly as awesome. And of course there are the rest of the instruments adding to it even more.

I think an organization is like an orchestra. Everyone has their own unique part to play, and it makes a beautiful symphony. But if everyone played the same thing, it would sound really boring. And every part is important to the overall beauty, which is why we need an alto section, and tenors who can read music! ...Sorry, got a little distracted there.

Anyway, the way things are now, it's true that I will never get to be the conductor. But, and I know this is just a personal preference, I would much, much, much rather be in the orchestra playing my violin. Or maybe my piano. I don't know. Depends on what piece we're playing. But the point is, conducting isn't nearly as fun as being one of the people making the music, and there are soooo many instruments that I can play that I know I can enjoy my part and make a valuable contribution even if I'm not conducting.

Today I'm thankful for getting our laundry done, getting all our work done so we don't have any to worry about while we're on our epic adventure, Anime Expo posting its schedule, my registration being approved (we don't have to email them after all! now we just have to figure out transportation), and Band Brothers.
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