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Kitty adventures

Page has had a bit of an interesting day today. Or at least, things that interested us happened to Page today, whether or not she found them interesting at all. I guess there were some sounds outside that started it, because Page decided she wanted to get up on the windowsill. We helped her get there, despite our exasperation at it not being the window with the perch we got for her.

But! Athena decided to try luring her into the other room, and it almost worked! I mean, it did work, because when Athena said, "C'mere, Page, I wanna show you something!", Page jumped off the windowsill and followed her into the other room. But that's about as far as she went. She still seemed interested in the goings-on outside, and I was getting frustrated with the whole thing, so I finally snapped. I picked the cat up and put her on the window perch! So there.

...And of course she immediately walked off of it. But she stayed on the same windowsill, so we took that as a good sign and went back to work. A few minutes later, we couldn't help checking, and we discovered that she was lounging on the perch! Yay! This made us very very happy. A few minutes after that, we heard the voice of a woman walking along outside, saying, "Aww."

Knowing Page, we figured she would no longer be on the window perch. So we checked, and sure enough, she had hopped off. We don't know if the "aww" was our neighbor being like, "Aww, cute kitty!" or "Aww, the kitty left!" or in regards to something else entirely. Page hasn't been back on the perch since, which makes sense because the sounds of Things Outside have been going on fairly consistently. There was a gardener with one of those gardener machines (we never look outside to find out if it's a weed whacker or some kind of lawnmower or what), and there was even a dog fight! Today has been a pretty lively day.

...And just as I got to this part, Page walked into the room and started climbing the pile of boxes/computer equipment on the way to the windowsill. We'll probably go hang out in the bedroom later and see if we can get her back on that window perch.

Today I'm thankful for Page finally using her perch, people coming out to stop the dogs from fighting before it got bad, the lovely cool breeze coming in through the window, getting that Harlequin manga turned in on time, and all the goings-on outside not turning Page off of windowsills entirely.
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